Aug 16

Yamaha are about to announce a new Synth – The Yamaha Motif XF. The announcement should take place on 2nd August 2010. Their brief advert just says “INSPIRATION COMES IN A FLASH – Since 2001, the Motif Music Production Synthesizers have been the best sounding, top-selling and most requested music workstations on the market.

Yamaha Motif XF Synth

Yamaha Motif XF Synth

The next generation XF builds on the heritage of the Motif, providing new features and ground-breaking Flash memory expansion capabilities that will set the standard for keyboard workstations for years to come”.

Wow, this sounds really interesting. I can’t wait for more information from Yamaha, You Tube videos and specifications and to hear what it sounds like. I will keep you posted as I gather the info.

What I have so far is :

Wave rom increased to 741MB, 128 new voices (user1), 128 new performances (user1), 8 new drumkits, 1248 new arp styles, 32 new masters, 128MB SD RAM on board for samples, optional flash boards, max 2.1GB, improved file management, new keyboard action, user definable LCD colour scheme, drum kit edit within mixing mode, optimised category search, TAP tempo function, Loading time for flash is approx 2.4 seconds for 1MB. 512MB takes about 20mins to load.

Aug 15


Roland Gaia SH-01


The GAIA SH-01 – another little gem from Roland. What is it? – Well the GAIA reminds me a little of a Jupiter 8 but looking so much “2010”. In essence it is a virtual analogue synth or rather three analogue synths in one. Roland have made a great decision on Colour. I don’t wish to sound like a girl, but it is amazing how many times you see Artists who have products made especially in white. Why? – Because they look so good on stage. Access did it with their “Limited Edition” Virus.

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Aug 15

New sounds Coming soon for The Roland Gaia SH-01 visit for more details

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