Nov 30


I am very familiar with the quality of products from the TC Group especially TC Helicon and their ever-growing vocal range. It is great to see a company bringing the possibilities of vocal sounds of hit songs of today to the home studio musician or live performer.

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Nov 19

Alesis have a new five piece drum kit – the DM7. It has over 400 sounds on-board, 50 kits, 52 songs to play to and a three-zone snare drum. It also has a 1/4-inch mix input for playing along with external music sources. The DM7 USB Kit also works with virtually all MIDI software including virtual sound modules and recording, sequencing and programming applications.

For more information visit :-

Nov 16

The Kurzweil PC361 Performance Controller Synth

The Kurzweil PC361 Performance Controller Synth is the first Kurzweil Synth I have had a chance to get my hands on. The company have been making great Synths since the early 80’s and are well known for their powerful synth engines and Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (VAST). The PC361 is part of the renowned PC3 series which comprises of; the 88 note PC3, the 76 note PC3X, the 61 note PC361 and the XPro that adds a cabinet and sound system.

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Nov 11

Yamaha DTX 900 and DTX 950 Electronic Drum Kits

As a drummer (and currently an electronic drummer) I am always interested in what is out there trying to compete with the Roland TD20 kit. Yamaha seem to be getting closer and closer to this with their latest releasesĀ  – the DTX900 and DTX 950 kits

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Nov 8

Some of the best Free VST Plugins

These are definitely worth trying on your DAW. Just simply download from the Sites:-

TAL (Togu Audio Line)

SimulAnalog Guitar Suite

Magnus Jonsson Ambience

Native Instruments Kore 2 Player

Voxengo Span

Yellow Tools Independence Free

Kjaerhus Audio Classic effects

NUSofting daHornet

UltimateSoundBank UVI Workstation

Ichiro Toda Synth1

Nov 7

Nord Keyboards – Winter 2010

If you are like me and can’t seem to get your hands around one of those bright red Nord keyboards, then you will just have to be content with the the next best thing – their 56 page Winter 2010 Catalogue. You can download it here:-

Nov 5

The Invisible Drum Kit by Rowan Atkinson

I just loved this and thought that I just had to share this with you. If you haven’t seen this before you are in for a treat as it is far better than Air Guitar – Tony:-

Nov 2

Well here is some news that caught my eye last night on the Roland’s Sonar site – the new upgrade from Sonar 8.5. No it is not Sonar 9 but Sonar X1.

Apparently, this upgrade is available from 8th December and this is what the guys at Cakewalk are saying about it – “SONAR has evolved and so can the way you make music. Imagine the power and maturity of an industry standard DAW combined with the cutting edge creative tools essential for today’s music – all wrapped up in one of the most modern and (dare we say) beautiful user interfaces available”.

Sonar X1 comes in three flavours -” Essential”, “Studio” and the one I am interested in is “Producer”. The Producer has all that is in the Studio version with the addition of Pro Channel, Session Drummer 3, Dimension Pro, True Pianos, Producer Effects, Channel Effects, Mastering Effects andĀ  Guitar Rig 4 LE.

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Nov 2

The Yamaha Tenori-On Review

The Yamaha Tenori-On, it has a strange name and is something I wanted to find out about for a while now. When you are being sent a musical instrument which has 256 orange LED’s and is made by Yamaha, you know straight away that it is going to be something very special, unique and visually stunning. As I turned it on and started to play it, I realised that is exactly what it is. It certainly passed my user-friendly test because I was composing a very syncopated melody with dynamics and interest in seconds and it felt a bit like painting with sound. Yamaha are renowned for packing many features into their products, so I need to look a little into what they are. I suppose the quick start guide is a good place to start.

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