Jan 26


Dave Smith who co-developed the DSI -120 integrated circuit that was used in the famous Prophet 08 in 2007 and the Mopho in 2008, amongst other achievements is also credited with the design of the award-winning small but powerful Tetra. The Tetra which has four DSI –120 circuits, provides us with an analog four-note polyphonic, four-part multitimbral programmable synth at a very affordable price.

The Tetra has a Polychain output so you could chain it to a Prophet 08 to make it 12 voice, or to Mopho to make a five-voice synth or of course to another Tetra to provide eight voices.

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Jan 23

“DRIVE” from my album MINAMALISTIC

As a bit of fun I have created a clip for my track “Drive”. I find this a great track to play in a car. You can download this for free by going here:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/free-track/ – Simply click on the “Play” button and then save the file. I hope you like it as much as I do. Please see my Home page or Music page for full details of the album. Watch this:-

Jan 23

I am a great fan of both Imogen Heap and TC Helicon Vocal hardware so it was good to see Imogen and the VoiceLive 2 being used on stage. Imogen really knows how to get the best out of today’s technology and makes a great effort to discover a wide range of products to create herindividual sound. Her child-like approach to touch and play with everything around her musical life has trained her to be a master of today’s musical inovations. The vocal complexities that she achieves both live and in the studio need the type of products that TC are producing today. I have thought that there has been a wide gap in the market for a number of years for vocal hardware. There are too many pedals in the world for the guitarist and nowhere near enough for the vocal performer. I hope TC continue to produce these products.

Have a look at Imogen:-

Jan 22

64 Pro sounds for your Roland GAIA Synth

Simple fast download – great price only :-

£6.99 ( approx $11 or 8 euros)

What are you waiting for ?

Jan 16

Well sadly it is the last day of Namm 2011 today and we have a seen such an assortment of products to capture the  world. Many of us are  awaiting delivery dates and pricing and some of us just can’t wait to get our hands on these delights. In the meantime for those of you who haven’t seen these yet, here are a few more to wet the appetite.
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Jan 15

The Access Virus Ti has just been voted the best Synth by the readers of Sound on Sound and I must say I am inclined to agree with them.

Don’t forget if you are looking for some professional sounds for your Virus – check out my two soundbanks EUPHORIA and FORTUNE and GLORY – 256 new sounds waiting for you here in an easy download:-


Jan 14


The Winter Namm 2011 show started yesterday in Anaheim California showing hundreds of new products to the world. It runs from 13th Jan to the 16th Jan and provides us all with a promising start to the year. Below you will see the top 10 items that have grabbed my attention from the show. On a personal level I was hoping for a little bit more from Roland and Yamaha. Yamaha seem to have their own timetable nowadays and announce new products when it suits them rather than trying to meet the January deadline. So I think NAMM 2011 for me goes to KORG and the launch of the KRONOS which appears to look very inviting. Korg have also revealed a couple of other gems in the form of a new Wavedrum and Kaoss Pad.  I will try and cover some of the items in more depth later but for now here is my top 10 – I hope you approve:-

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Jan 14


The most interesting product to come out of the WINTER NAMM SHOW 2011 at Anaheim California that started yesterday, has got to be the shiny – look of the new flagship workstation synth from KORG known as the KRONOS.

I have tracked down its incredibly impressive specifications for your consideration. I do not have any idea on price at present but after seeing Korg’s one hour presentation at NAMM, it seems that they have packed in everything they ever done from the MS20 to the SV1.  Purchasing this keyboard probably means you need little else.  The KRONOS will without doubt become a main part of Korg’s history. Have a look at this:-

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Jan 10

Coming Soon

Here is a sneak preview as to what to expect in the new Access Virus O/S update version 4.5. There have been some fantastic additions to the effects with a new Chorus/Vibrato/Rotary Speaker section. Access say that this free update should be available soon. It seems there is nothing these guys at Access can’t do. It is is great to buy a product that does not become an “Old” model after a couple of years. Instead Access just keep improving there original product.

Virus TI OS 4.5 Preview Movie 1 from access music on Vimeo.

Jan 9


As a drummer, not a percussionist, I have often wanted to purchase a set of bongos or congas to play by hand. Today I am more of an electronic drummer than I am acoustic so the thought of playing an electronic drum full of hand percussion sounds plus a whole load more with a real drum head seems to be just the thing for me.

I remember back in 1994 when Korg released their first Wavedrum. I was extremely interested in this product but like many people I was put off by the high price. I also did not like the fact that this original model looked very much like a toilet seat but you could not argue with the fantastic sound it produced and not be amazed by the professional percussionists that used them.

The new Wavedrum is a rework of the original, disposing of the “Toilet Seat” look and replacing it with something that looks similar to an LP Compact Conga. The price has come down significantly by approximately £1300 and you can now buy the Korg WD-X for about £370 in most shops. Korg have also only recently brought out the Wavedrum as a limited edition in black with an exclusive black suede Remo drum head.

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