Feb 15


It is finally here another new soundset from tonylongmusic – Technova – 64 Monster Sounds for the Novation Ultranova Synth now available for download. Pure Ear Candy, Bristling With Raw Supernova Energy, Tribal Infused Drums, Hard-Hitting Lead and Bass Sounds, Glitched Melodic Vox Loops and Industrial Deep Tech Sounds For You To Tweak To New Limits.

Please go here:- http://www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/novation-ultranova-sound-pack/ for full details and a demo of the sounds by way of a You Tube clip.

The Ultranova is a great synth, (please see my blog for the full review)  and Technova is a useful Sound Pack to inspire your creativity whatever your style of music.

The Soundset comes complete with full easy-to-follow loading instructions and is a fast, simple download and such a great price.

Feb 9


As I recall Novation were a leading company right out in front of everyone else at the end of the nineties with their classic Supernova II synthesizer. This award winning synth captured my heart at the time, but it was some years later before I was able to buy one. I was saddened by the fact that they stopped making Synths after this and moved their expertise to a different product range with Focusrite’s acquisition of Novation in 2004. I was therefore extremely surprised to find that after more than 10 years they were releasing a new synth, perfectly named – The Ultranova.

In this review I want to provide you with my feelings on the instrument as I find it after unpacking and try and look at some comparisons with the Roland GAIA and indeed the Supernova II. If you need any additional information not covered here then please go to Absolutemusic who have also included a couple of great You Tube Clips demonstrating the Ultranova and showing you how sounds are created – great stuff.

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