Apr 19


I thought I would have a look at a piece of Software for a change and because Bass is such an important element in music that people want to feel as well as hear, I thought I would find a great Bass Software Synth to find out what it could do for my recordings . I don’t know about you but I seem to have difficulties with getting the right bass sound, I want something with some real depth right down deep in your boots so I thought I would try SubBoomBass. This is a very reasonably priced Bass Synth designed by the legendary Rob Papen and has been out for two years now. I am not going to go into how great nearly all Rob’s software is, but get straight into Rob’s SubBoomBass as I am told it has some killer Cone-Shakin’ sounds.


It is available for PC and Mac and comes in Audio Units, RTAS and VST format. I downloaded the latest version 1.1 from Rob’s Site www.robpapen.com and installed it onto my PC. I then registered my product using the SubBoomBass serial number and then opened it in my DAW and entered the Activation Code that was e-mailed to me. This all was very straightforward and all the remained to do was click on the VST in my DAW and it opened up a very colourful cool hip-hop graffiti-type window.
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Apr 16


M-Audio Venom Patches

I am pleased to announce that I have now completed some new patches for your M-Audio Venom Synth. This sound pack expansion has 50 Aggressive Single Patches and 10 Infectious Multi-Patches. Have a listen to the sound patches in the YouTube Demo below.

It combines the characteristics of classic analog sounds with modern digital processing! This powerful synth offers everything from filthy leads, to vast sweeping filters, right up to Speaker Shaking Bass Sounds.

Drum ‘n’ Bass, Trance, Psy-Trance, World Sounds, Electro, Cinematic, Dub Step, Garage, Underground, House, Techno

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD The Avid M-Audio Venom Sound Pack Now!!

New Sounds, New Patches, New Singles and New Multis brought to you from Tony Long Music for this monster of a synth from Avid M-Audio only announced at Namm 2011. This is a Simple Download and full loading instructions are included.

Apr 8


Namm has come and gone and we are still awaiting many of the products to get to the shops and already we are at Musikmesse Frankfurt with the slightly leaked news of a new Jupiter Synth from Roland – the JUPITER-80 Synthesizer. Roland tell us that this is a keyboard that represents an unprecedented leap in the pursuit of the most realistic and authentically expressive electronic musical instrument, just as its namesake did when it was launched 30 years ago.

This new Jupiter Synth has a thin sleek and colourful-looking design that looks similar to the original JUPITER-8 and it is a three-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer with 76 keys (not 72 as mentioned in some articles), a cool looking touchscreen, analogue modelling, digital synthesis, and Roland’s current SuperNATURAL expressiveness all in one live performance synthesizer.

In terms of SuperNATURAL sounds, it far exceeds its flagship Fantom G as it not only contains a complete suite of SuperNATURAL sounds—piano, brass, strings, guitar, and more in this one keyboard but incredibly it constantly analyses the player’s natural keyboard performance to produce continuous authentic performance of the selected sound – all without altering the player’s normal keyboard technique. SuperNATURAL is now under the control of behaviour modelling – I must get to try this.

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Apr 5


M-Audio are a company who design and import a range of audio products  such as DAW interfaces, monitors, mics, MIDI controllers, Digital Pianos and DJ software and controllers. They are a business unit of Avid Technology and were formerly Midiman. They mainly manufacture in China but have independent offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan and France.

At NAMM 2011 they announced a small affordable Virtual Analogue Synth called The Venom which no doubt will be in direct competition with Roland’s GAIA Synth and the new Novation Ultranova and has a similar price tag.  M-Audio are claiming that the Venom (unlike the competition) has an aggressive new unique sound that will make it stand out from the rest, with the warmth of the Classic Analogue keyboards combined with some cool modern digital processing. It is the first-ever M-Audio hardware synthesizer and with exception to price will no doubt draw some comparisons with the range of Access Virus Synths.

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