Nov 26

I know we have looked at these before but today I managed to try out three Avedis Zildjian Gen 16 Intelligent Acoustic – Electric Cymbals – A Hi-hat, a Ride and a Crash Cymbal on Roland’s famous TD-20KX. This was on display at Nevada Music and the Roland guy on site, Drew Dauriol kindly let me play this combined Roland / Zildjian kit probably worth about £7000.

This was simply awesome with the combination of Roland’s mesh head drums and sounds from the TD-20 Brain combined with the metal feel, clarity and crispness of the Gen 16 cymbals. It was ideal having the Roland Cymbals there as well to compare the two, in both sound and feel.
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Nov 13


Electronic Drums have always been Roland for me but there are other manufacturers with slightly different ideas. Like Synthesizers, I wish I could take the best bits from them all and create a super kit. Electronic drums are expensive so for many people they are forced into making some compromises due to cost when purchasing an electronic kit. In this very competitive market, we are now seeing some really great value for the money kits and one such kit is the new Traps E500 Electronic Drum Kit.  This kit is the third generation and a successor to the very popular E450 kit and gives you an upgraded drum brain which has some great new sounds and other features. I think it is fair to say this is an entry-level kit but one that really provides a great wealth of extras for the money.

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Nov 5

Well we have seen the Korg Monotron and the Korg Monotribe (both reviewed here at Tony Long Music) now Korg have released two new Monotrons; the Duo and Delay. Have a look at the key features below:-

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