Feb 29


Music Technology On Line are offering a free file created by the talented Dan Krisher which is a control surface for the iPad that adds extra control to your Roland JP-80. This “JP-80 Mixer” runs via the MIDI Touch app which can be found on the iTunes app store.

For more information go to jupiter80.music-technology-online.com. At the end of this Blog there is a You Tube clip that  demonstrates the functionality of the “JP-80 Mixer” control surface. The control surface offers the following control for your JP-80: Global control of Upper, Lower, Solo and Percussion parts, Independent On/Off control of tones for the Upper and Lower parts, Independent control of Cutoff and Resonance for the Upper and Lower parts, Independent Toneblender control for the Upper and Lower parts and Independent Matrix controls of the Cutoff and Resonance for the Upper and Lower Parts.


OK  before you start, make sure that your Roland Jupiter 80 is updated to Version 1.10 or later. OK follow these simple instructions:-

1. e-mail Music Technology On-Line at :- music.technology.online@gmail.com. They will send you a reply email with the attachment “controller.miditouchpreset”.

2. If you haven’t got the iPad App “the MIDI Touch control surface application by Domestic Cat”, go to the iTunes app store and download and install it.

3. Upload the controller.miditouchpreset file to MIDI Touch by syncing your iPad to iTunes and copying the controller.miditouchpreset file to the MIDI Touch app.

4. Make sure to set the JP-80?s USB driver to “Generic”. (This is found by going into the SYSTEM Menu, selecting “Beep/Misc” and changing the driver setting. Make sure you WRITE this change to the JP-80?s System settings.)

5. Connect the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to your iPad and your JP-80.

6. Power down the JP-80 and power it back on and Reboot your iPad.

7. Launch the MIDI Touch application.

8. In MIDI Touch, touch the name of the default demo control surface “Drum Pads Small” to open the “Saved Controller Menus”.

9. Select the JP-80 Mixer and it will load into MIDI Touch.

Here is the You Tube clip:-

Feb 23

SPECIAL OFFER – 3 soundset Packs only £31.99

Why not treat your Access Virus to some great new sounds. 384 sounds in three sets, Euphoria, Creative Distortion and Fortune and Glory. This is Simple Download with patch list and loading instructions included. The soundsets already have a great and very competative price and now you can save £3.98 by purchasing all three sets together.

These sounds cover a massive range of Genres from Electro to Dance, Trance to Urban, Rock to Minimal, Ambient to House. They are packed solid with bass, leads, pads, arps, drums and effects all with that great Access Virus Sound. Just click the image below to take you to the three pack set:-

Feb 23


I am new to the world of the iPad where there is now an iPad 2 and shortly arriving the iPad 3 and as a musician, I was very surprised to find out just how many Apps (applications) are out there that are so useful to me, many of them Free or very liitle – $.99 which is £0.69. One of my first thoughts as I started to investigate and move up the ladder from an iPad Muso newbie, was how do I best connect my new iOS portable music wonder to all my other MIDI equipment and the outside world? I found to my surprise that there are not many devices available and a visit to my local Apple store confirmed this leaving me with the thought that Apple have missed a golden opportunity here. I started off by looking at the IK Multimedia iRig MIDI and Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer which they suggested in the store. These looked OK to me, were not very expensive and were small and portable and I could connect to all of my MIDI equipment. The problem seemed to be that this is all they seemed to connect to. The iPad itself has only two connections, so what about a studio setup where you want MIDI, Audio outs, USB connection, Audio In, connection for Mics and Guitars etc? Yes, you could buy more IK Multimedia iRig products that they have to connect Mics and Guitars but this leaves you with a mess of leads and connectors with limitations due to the lack of iPad connectivity. I then found the iConnect MIDI box which despite its bulky appearance seemed to be more like what I wanted. It had great MIDI connectivity and plenty of USB but unfortunately no Audio connections. Then along came the Alesis IO Dock which started me thinking that this is exactly what I need.

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Feb 5


Mackie Speakers have been around quite a few years now and I have been a few bands that have used their SRM (Sound Reinforcement Monitors) range of speakers and I must say I have always thought they do a very professional job, are reliable with a great build quality and sound great. Mackie decided to re-design them and they now have a version 2 range of SRM speakers and following my review of their cheaper Mackie Thump range, I decided to look at the SRM 450v2.

I thought that the SRM 450 (both version 1 and 2) had 15inch woofers because of the frequency range that they both cover from 45Hz – 20KHz, but they do in fact have 12 inch woofers. This frequency range is as good as many 15” active monitors on the market.
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Feb 1

Here is something special I seemed to have missed from the NAMM 2012 show – the announcement of Access Virus Ti O/S 5 which is going to bring us some great new filters. This Synth just grows and grows and gets better all of the time. Have a look at this:-