Mar 21

Musikmesse 2012 Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer

Roland and Boss have certainly released a few products at this year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt like the new Boss VE-5 Vocal Performer. It looks like it has some similarities with the TC Helicon range of products. Here is a You tube clip to give you some idea:-

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Mar 21

At Musikmesse in Frankfurt  today, a Korg demonstrator explained  that in a few weeks there will be a new operating system 1.6 with editor software. This will make it very easy to edit eveything on a PC or MAC instead of staring at the small screen – Great News.

Alongside this today, Korg is also pleased to announce that KARO EXs Expansion Sample Series and KRS Professional Sound Series libraries are now available for the Kronos Music Workstation. KARO is a sound design team based in Germany, who have been producing high-quality sounds for Korg workstations for several years. Korg is pleased to welcome KARO as the first third-party KRONOS sound developer in their store.
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Mar 21


I now have the Roland Jupiter 50  keyboard specifications. It is a 76 note keyboard (with velocity) as follows:-


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Mar 21

Roland Jupiter 50

Here is a great surprise from Musikmesse 2012 at Frankfurt – the new Roland Jupiter 50 lightweight 73 note synth.

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Mar 20

Musikmesse 2012 – Clavia Nord Electro 4D

It is that time of year again where new products get announced. For us Europeans, we have the Musikmesse show held at Frankfurt. One such company who have been delighting us with their bright red products is Clavia. They launched the Nord Electro 10 years ago and have just announced the release of the new model called the Electro 4D.

This is a lightweight 7kg, 61-note keyboard that has that lovely semi-weighted waterfall key action also has excellent organ drawbars found on the very popular Nord C2D. They have updated the click modelling, added a brand new delay effect, given it a new rotary speaker simulation with a new drive feature and made it compatible with the fantastic Nord Sound Libraries collection

The Nord Electro 4D also supports Long Release which is suitable for legato playing and selectable String Resonance. To assist the handling of programs, there are four Program Banks and four Live Locations and the USB port now doubles as an USB-MIDI interface.

It should be shipping in May and cost is 1699 Euros – Can’t wait to hear it.

Mar 19


On my last review we looked at a great vocal product from TC Helicon – The VoiceLive 2 vocal stomp-box. TC Helicon have decided to also market a product for those on a budget by providing us with the VoiceLive Play announced at NAMM 2012 last month and which is also available immediately which makes a very pleasant change from having to wait months. They seemed to have approached the product however from a slightly different angle by stating that “VoiceLive Play gives you two hundred plus song & artist presets to choose from, helping you create amazing vocals. Plug in your MP3 player and sing along with your favourite tracks or create instant HIT effects for your own songs”. Well if it still has that professional sound and allows you to get that vocal sound you love from your favourite artist, all at the third of the cost of VoiceLive 2, then I think I want to give this pedal a look.

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Mar 18

The Minimoog Sofa

Here is something a bit note-worthy – the Minimoog Sofa. They tell me it is nice to play on – it looks touch sensitive and has a good action but it is designed for you to make many bum-notes. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. These are designed by Woouf who make a range of fun foam items including amplifiers and burgers.

Mar 12

Here is something simple but very clever, and my first thought is why hasn’t someone come up with this before? Stochastik Drum Machine by Xitive Inc is a great Apple iPad App Drum Machine with over 1000 sounds. It is not just any old drum machine because it has such a clever difference. This little gem lets you set a possibility or rather a probaility that a drum sound in your rhythm will trigger. What a great idea, I think it is even better than Roland’s idea when they introduced a ‘Human Feel’ – I thought that was ‘Wow’ at the time, but this one makes so much sense and to some extent behaves just like a drummer would. For example let us say you are a drummer playing your basic four to a beat rock pattern, you know after 30 seconds you are going to bored as hell with it and just to impress the band or ensure that the bass player doesn’t fall asleep, you going to slip in an off-beat bass drum beat, double the snare, syncopate with some extra hi-hat hits. Whatever you going to do, you will not do it all the time and you are going to vary it, keep the spark alive and do the unexpected.

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Mar 11

Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the biggest music equipment trade fair in Europe. This year you can attend the show from the 21st March until the 24th March. Winter Namm did not seem long ago, but we are now just about a week and a half away to Musikmesse – how time flys in the music world or should I say “the musik world”.

As usual,I will be reporting on items of interest, so if you haven’t already, please bookmark my site. I hope to share with you – useful information, pictures and videos of the latest products hopefully from the giants like, Yamaha, Korg and Roland and many more. Depending on what you are looking out for or wishing for, if you are like me, you probably find that after some shows you are a bit disappointed and on other shows you are so pleased that you want to get your hands on the new kit as soon as possible.You can’t please all the people all of the time but I always find something I like, so it is worthwhile. I am still hoping for a big update to the Korg Kronos and something for the Roland Fantom G. Did someone mention flying pigs?

Mar 7



You can’t get away from the fact that Vocals are one of the most important aspects of music. There is nothing to compare with the Human Voice and we all wish we could sing and sound like our favourite artist whose recent recording has made them sound unbelievable but at the same time believable. These include artists like the lovely Imogen Heap who are continually pushing and shaping the vocal sound to new limits creatively using every form of effect processor out there, including many that were not designed for the voice and they demand new technologies to find their next new sound.

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