Jul 31

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Jul 28


I love new Drum Products, especially when they have such innovative ideas. One such product is the new Korg WaveDrum Mini Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer. I have already reviewed the WaveDrum, but from what I hear about the Mini, it is not a scaled down WaveDrum but something with a little bit more and a little bit less in certain areas. You always have to take the good with the bad, especially when it comes to cost and marketing a new product. I really need to see for myself and test this fun looking instrument out.

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Jul 28


In this week’s review I am going to look at something a little bit different but it is a little bit close to my heart because it is a Drum called a Djembe. A Djembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered drum played with bare hands and the name comes from the African saying “Everyone gather together in peace”. It is traditionally only played by men but there are many great female drummers and percussionist out there today who I am sure would love to have a go on one of these. Djembes have become extremely popular since the 90s with the craze of Drum Circles which are basically a group of people playing hand-drums and percussion. There are many types available in different sizes and exotic colours. I am reviewing the Toca Synergy Freestyle 10 inch Djembe.

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Jul 20

It is great to see Matchbox Twenty back together in the studio. Here is a track from their new album North with the unmistakable voice of Rob Thomas. I like this catchy fun song called “She’s So Mean” but I love the video (How can you not like the video?). There is no Carlos Santana on the track but you can’t have everything. The album should be available on 4th September 2012. It looks like Matchbox Twenty have worked out ‘which way is north and found their way again.

Jul 15

Summer Namm 2012 Nashville Convention Cente and it is great to see Casio continue to develope their Privia digital piano range with the announcement of four new models, the PX-150, PX-350, PX-750 and PX-850 available in Black or White. These provide you with an enhanced keyboard and a new powerful sound engine. I was very impressed with the fact that they already have the lightest piano available with a great keyboard action on an 88 hammer action weighted keys. If they have really enhanced this further, then you really should check this out.

Casio state that these new Privia digital pianos deliver exceptional sound quality and are equipped with an abundance of new features, offering an enhanced performance.” They appear to have redesigned their 88-note Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard. From a feel point of view you have what feels like ebony and ivory texture on the keys and if you couple this with a scaled weighted action, it starts to feel similar to an acoustic piano. At the same time their tri-sensors capture your performance with every detail and nuance.

Casio also have a new sound source called “AiR” which stands for Acoustic and intelligent Resonator. This uses over three times the waveform memory of the previous Privias has 128 note polyphony and gives you better dynamics, damper resonance and even compensates for the speed at which hammers strike strings at different velocities and key ranges. The PX-350 and PX-850 also provide the ability to record a 44.1kHz .wav file directly to a USB thumb drive.

I want to try one of these soon.

Jul 13

The biggest surprise for me at the Summer Namm show 2012 was announcement of the Korg Kronos X which seemed very strange to me. The Korg Kronos is probably the best synthesizer in the world, however its release revealed many problems and unhappy customers. Following on from the initial problems, there are still problems with the keybeds, stability issues, very long boot-up times and the text on screen is also very small. The updates which included the release of the editor software obviously assisted with the small text. I was wondering whether the release of the Kronos X was an admission the Kronos was not quite right.

Interestingly Korg are saying that they have reduced the load-up time on the Kronos X, but I believe the keybeds are still the same and that there have been no changes to the size of the text. For existing Kronos owners there will shortly be an update to Version 2.0 to bring in the new facilities that the X is offering. So what is new on the Kronos X?

Korg tell us that the new Kronos X has approximately 2GB of available PCM RAM which allows more sample data to be loaded at once. It also adds a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X indicates its expanded, and truly limitless potential. It boasts double the SSD capacity providing a staggering 62 GB to give you enough space for gigantic sound library expansions, such as the Kronos Sound Libraries and the KARO Sound Libraries. With Version 2.0 on a Kronos you will be able to add a second SSD drive so it is like the Kronos X.

The KRONOS X also contains the EXs 10 – 13 expansion sample series of KRONOS Sound Libraries pre-installed in demo mode. After you’ve tried them out, you can obtain these sounds for yourself by simply purchasing a license key.

Jul 13


There have been a few announcements at this year’s Summer Namm show that have caught my eye. The first is a small pedal called the Mic Mechanic (Great Name) from TC-Helicon which is meant to be a toolbox for vocalists. It seems to have been designed with the basic promise of providing you quickly with a great sound, automatically adjusting EQ, Compression, De-Essing and Gating. It comes with Reverbs, Delays and Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction. I will not provide any more details at this time as I am about to review one. So in the next few weeks I will be putting one of these through its paces to provide you with a complete review of the results, so please bookmark this site.

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