Aug 1

I must say, I don’t believe it. I have hardly got to grips with Sonar X1 and they are talking New Sonar X2 already. So what is new?

Well they are saying that there is a new Modular ProChannel, a new Console Emulator, a new BREVERB SONAR, new Automation lanes and modes, new R-Mix SONAR, new ProChannel FX chains, a new TH2 Producer Amp Simulator, new Take Lanes, new Smart Grid, new Integrated SoundCloud and a new MusicXML export. On top of this they have made some improvements to their LP-64 EQ, LP-64 Multiband Compressor, Matrix Performance View, low latency audio engine, smart tool and the famous Piano Roll View. If you add that lot to what is there already, you have a serious looking and performing DAW.

I wish Roland would work equally as fast upgrading their Fantom G or replacing the DR880 Drum Machine.

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