Sep 19

Here is a lot more useful information on the new Roland Integra-7 from Roland product demonstrator Gareth Bowan showing exactly how you get the most out of it. He also shows it in use with an iPad. It can only really be described as ‘the best of Roland’ – see what you think?

Sep 18


Here is a first for me; I am going to look at matched pair of stereo microphones. There are many on the market today such as the sE Electronics SE-1A and SE-2A mics. I have been informed that one of the best value for money matched pairs are the Sontronics STC-1S Condenser Mics. I have a very sexy black pair of these and I am hoping that by the end of this review, I will have a greater understanding of their use and suitability.

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Sep 7

Get all of your Prime Loops at Loopmasters. You will find that Prime Loops have such an extensive range of Sample Packs in many different styles. This is what producers insist on having. You will find every style and genre from Acid to Electro. Also with all the best formats like WAV, REX, ACID, Apple Loops, MIDI and Reason Refills.

Simply click on the image above and see for yourself – I did.

Sep 7


Recording Vocals at home is always a challenge mainly because you may not have a vocal booth or sufficient room for a vocal booth. The trouble is you really want that quality of sound especially if you have just succeeded in recording your perfect take, but when you play it back, you realise it is not quite as good as you envisaged and does not have that professional dry quality. To solve this problem the company sE electronics designed something called the Reflexion Filter just over four years ago, which is a portable device that mounts on a mic stand and acts as an effective acoustic absorber surrounding the mic. sE Electronics was founded in March 2000 by Siwei Zou from Shanghai. They are well known for their extensive and very competitive microphone range.
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Sep 4

There seems to be a new product around every corner at the moment. Whilst Korg who recently surprised us with the release of the Kronos X, they have surprised us yet further with the release of the Korg Krome Workstation.

It looks a bit like a Kronos with some costly ommissions but with some features that look interesting to me. The first thing I noticed was how the screen looked. It is a huge 800 x 480 pixel TouchView Color display can show numerous parameters at once, ensuring great visibility. Although I have not seen it in the flesh the text on screen looks much larger and clearer than the Kronos. The other facination that I am always talking about is the weight. The weight of these keyboards are extremely portable 61 note is just 7.2kg (15.87lbs) , the 73 key is 10.2 kg (22.49 lbs) , and the 88 note is only 15.2 kg (33.51 lbs).

Obviously the cost is a big deciding factor when buying a new keyboard, but the prices look too good to be true. The 88 note is only £1249.00, the 73 note £ 949.00 and the 61 note £749. I was not too impressed with M50 or the Kronos 61 note keybed, so I am wondering how good these keybeds are or are they the same as existing Korg keybeds? The 88-key has a Touch sensitive Natural Weighted Hammer Action keyboard but there is no aftertouch on any of the models. Also the polophony is not too great – 120 note in single mode, 60 in dual mode but it does include a German D Grand acoustic piano.

I am sure you will read all the other info at Korg’s website and it really looks fantastic value for the money, but for now, I am not going to pass judgement until I have tried one.

Sep 3

Loopmasters have got exactly what you need to hold it all together – Total Percussion providing you with over 3Gb of loops and samples (recorded in 24Bit 44.1Khz with tempos ranging from 70 to 150 bpm) that have infectious grooves, atmospheric percussion ensembles with Intense Tribal Drumming, Orchestral Tom Sequences, Huge Ambient Cadences, Dubbed-Out Beats and more.

It is a unique  sample collection, superbly performed with energy and attitude, meticulously recorded and mixed using stunning vintage gear such as Neve pre amps and mixed on Broadoak Studios’ unique Raindirk Series III console from 1978 which formerly belonged to Olympic studios in London where it mixed many classic albums from the likes of David Bowie, Queen and Pink Floyd.

Just click on the image and get this awesome collection now.

Sep 1

Yamaha have just quietly announced a new series of electronic drums aimed at the beginner – the DTX400 series. There are three new drum kits – the DTX400K, DTX430K and DTX450K. They have attempted to provide a cost-efective kit with the same legacy as all of their othe DTX kits to tempt new players / beginners.

A USB connection enables the player to control VSTi drum sound libraries and record directly to computer software. It’s also possible to import new songs via Yamaha’s Music Soft Downloader. New Apps will also be launched in 2013, designed to work alongside the DTX400 series to present an exciting interactive learning experience. The sounds within the new DTX400 module include stereo recordings of real drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments that respond to playing dynamics for truly musical expression. There are classic sounds from the history of drumming, including some of Yamaha’s best loved acoustic drums. Users can also create their own ‘bespoke’ drum kits from the library of over 165 drums sounds, including 23 snare drums, 21 kick drums and 42 other percussion instruments.

DTX400K will be released in September 2012, with the DTX430K and DTX450K due to arrive at the beginning of 2013.

Sep 1

Well it does seem to be a time for a great deal of Music News and new product announcements. Amongst the news, I came across this spoiler for all you lucky Roland Jupiter 80 owners. I wonder whether this will work on the Jupiter 50 or whether there will be something similar available in the near future? Have a look at this clip to wet your appetite:-