Nov 30

Take a look at this new App from Korg – the iPolysix based on the Polysix keyboard that was a six-voice analog polyphonic synthesizer made in 1981 – this looks great fun. What I love about this is up to eight instances of the synth can be used in conjunction with new features that include a sequencer, drum machine, multiple effects, Korg’s acclaimed Kaoss touch functionality for intuitive note and controller entry, and a complete automated mixer – wow.

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Nov 29

ROLAND JUPITER Synth Legends Volume 1


This is good of Roland to enhance their Jupiter 50 and Jupiter 80 keyboards with the first in a series of free sound libraries. These are going to provide you with some great vintage sounds from some of the greatest synths in Roland’s history. Just have a look at the YouTube clip above and click on the ‘More’ for further information and clips.

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Nov 27

Here is some great drumming on electronic kits. Linda Mertens (Milk Inc) is assisted by some famous drummers all playing Roland V-Drums live – see who you recognise. Milk Inc. (previously known as Milk Incorporated and briefly known as La Vache in France) have been around since 1996. They are a vocal trance band that formed in Belgium. Concerts are performed annually by Milk Inc. at Sportpaleis.

Nov 18

Bass Kleph – Make me Forget



If you want to remix his new song – Make me forget – go here Great sounds for your NI Maschine

Nov 14

 Genelec Studio Monitors

I think its time for some music to chill but at the same time consider some excellent studio monitors from Genelec who have put this video clip together demonstratiing their speaker range during the HiFi Expo 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. The first song is the excellent Rio De Janeiro Blue by Joe Sample & Randy Crawford (? 2006 Emarcy / PRA Records, Inc.) I just love the piano in this as well as Randy Crawford seductive voice – enjoy.

Nov 14


Here is a totally new product from Arturia – Spark DubStep. This is a powerful interface to easily make your own beats and bass patterns. SPARK DubStep brings a complete and powerful production suite to the Dubstep producer. It gives you a comprehensive library of 30 kits / 480 instruments created inpartnership with Sample Magic. From atomic wobble basses, to filthy FX and dirty drums, everything is at your fingertips in one single and easy to use interface.

This is a stand-alone product. Spark Dubstep IS NOT an expansion pack for Spark (an expansion pack will be released soon. Spark Dubstep is a complete software package that gives you access to Sparks intuitive, organic, features and work flow using the Dubstep Library

Have a listen to the You Tube clip and feel the Wobble – You know what I mean

Nov 14


Now that I have got a collection of Sonar 2 clips, I thought it would be nice to have something similar for the NI Maschine Mk2. If you are like me and are just getting started with Maschine then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do.

Now I have been working a few weeks with NI Maschine, I think it is a good idea to include early You Tube Clips as well because the data is still very valid and I have learned much from them. A very big thank you to the guys that have put these together – excellent job. Learning a new piece of kit like Native Instruments Maschine takes a while to get really good and you want to get there as soon as possible, so hopefully all these many You Tube clips will help you and me on our way.

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Nov 13




I came across this stunning wallpaper for Sonar X2 and thought this was an excellent piece of work and it got me thinking that Roland / Cakewalk keep moving things forward so quickly that I have hardly had time to get to grips with Sonar X1. If you are like me and are just getting started with Sonar X2 then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected Sonar X2 clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do. As well as the clips below you must also go here for a complete Sonar X2 experience –

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Nov 12



Well here is a hot item, released in the UK on 28 September 2012 – The Clavia Nord Electro 4 HP 73 note velocity sensitive hammer action portable E-E keyboard. Another classy Nord product with a quality build but one that is extremely light, (weighing only 11 kg which is 24.25 lbs.) considering the fact it has expressive, full weighted keys.

On first look there doesn’t seem to be a great difference between the Electro 4 and the Electro 3 that I recently reviewed so I shall delve into its charms and see what is new.

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Nov 10


Moog has announced the 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager with a 24 Karat gold dipped chassis among other features. There’s only going to be 31 made for the whole world and one will be given away. Here’s what Moog say:

“We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our exceptional customers for allowing our small company to thrive while staying true to our ideals. To show our gratitude all registered Minimoog Voyager owners will receive a small gift for joining us on our ten year voyage. And…one very lucky Moog enthusiast will win the gift of a lifetime, the 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager–created with the finest materials, it stands as a testament to American craftsmanship. Thirty proud owners, one lucky winner.”