Apr 24

It is out now to download – the new Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – Pulswerk. I got mine today and there are some great evolving sounds, kits and patterns. There are in fact 7 full projects, 30 Drum Kits and 20 Special kits, 60 Massive Presets, 10 Multi-Effects Kits and 215 Patterns all in the 698 MB file. As well as the Drum Sounds you get Chords, Bleeps, Glitches, Drones, Pads, and other Pitched sounds. I love the Drones.

Listen to the Soundcloud Clip in the previous post.

Native Instruments PULSWERK expansion for your Maschine gives you all the sounds you need. Perfect for Minimalistic Techno and House music but with your imagination you could use it in any genre. Have you got yours yet – Buy it today why don’t ya?

Apr 23

Coming Soon a new Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Pack called Pulswerk

I was pleased to hear about this today from Native Instruments – another new Maschine expansion pack called Pulswerk. Pulswerk is minimal techno and house sounds – I can’t wait. I really like the sounds in this one. Have a listen – What do you think?

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89160835″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”190″ iframe=”true” /]

Apr 21


After an exhausting long and fun time reviewing the very popular Native Instruments Maschine Mk2, I am now in a great position to take a close look at the recently released AKAI Studio MPC with its thin silver looks to tempt you into the world of groove and beatboxes, loopers and samples. There are lots of forum discussions and people comparing Native Instruments Maschine and different AKAI MPC products such as the AKAI Studio MPC and when you are trying to make the right choice it is difficult because both are fantastic machines. It is really your own personal preference. If you are very familiar with AKAI MPC products then the AKAI Studio MPC may very well be right for you. If you have never had a tap on either of these 16 pad wonders, then really you should try them both and make up your own mind as to how much you prefer both hardware and software.

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Apr 20

Well what a great time I had in Frankfurt, we have seen the keyboards and drums in a bit of detail but there was some other memories to keep of this visit such as the Rhine, the Bose lorry, the Light show, the girls, the buildings and the guitars. Oh I nearly forgot, I have a small clip of Monolith – what a great performance and sound with their fantastic talent with midi controllers. Read on to see the clip.

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Apr 19

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Apr 15


There were some excellent kits at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013, like this awesome Roland and Sonor kit. The noise and excitement as you walked around the Halls as drummers of all levels showed the crowd their capabilities. I was really impressed by a young girl of only eight and half years who showed an incredible ability which included snare drum technique, a very skilled hand a feet co-ordination and an obvious grasp of syncopation that you do not normally see at this age.

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Apr 10

It is a great privilege to be attending Musikmesse in Frankfurt this weekend. Already there has been a surprising announcement of new products – Korg Kross Synth, Novation Bass Station II, Roland RC-505 Looper, Native Instruments Komplete 9 software package, Avid Pro Tools 11 DAW, Arturia KeyLab range of professional-grade MIDI keyboard controllers with all-new accompanying Analog Lab synthesizer software, Genelec M Series Monitors, Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 software synth, Softube Console 1 hardware/software music mixing solution, TC Helicon Harmony Singer, Novation Launchpad S, Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface, Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad, Nord Lead 4, Korg Volca analogue groove boxes, Nord Piano 2 HP, RME MADiface XT – the world’s first USB 3.0 audio interface, SPL Crimson USB Audio Interface & Controller, and at long last the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth.

I am sure there are many others that will capture my heart and interest and possibly my wallet. I hope to bring back some great pictures and useful information to share with you

Apr 8

Well here is the Avid YouTube clip that doesn’t actually tell you anything about the new Avid Pro Tools 11 released just in time for Musikmesse 2013. Whilst it leaves you drooling and wondering it cleverly achieves its objective by wanting you to find out more:-

All of the DAWS claim to be the best and most powerful DAW but Pro Tools has been at or near the top so it is interesting to see just how powerful it has become. Will I get a better sound, a better mix, have less workflow problems. Can Avid Pro Tools pull me away from Sonar X2 and tempt me as the clip has tried to do? It is said to have a new very efficient audio engine. It says it has a 64-bit performance but shouldn’t everything have this nowdays? I want to see its groundbreaking capabilities in the flesh and decide for myself so I will have to give it a look at Musikmesse this week.

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Apr 8

It is Musikmesse week in Frankfurt Germany, but before the show has started many companies are announcing some new products. After what I thought was a poor anouncement from Roland and their new products, it is great to see companies like Novation, keeping today’s music moving. Today they have shown us their new Bass Station II Analogue Mono Synth to celebrate their 21 years in the business.

The Bass Station II is based on the well-loved original Bass Station but they improved it to meet the demands of today’s musicians. It comes with two awesome filters and oscillators and a deep sub-oscillator. When you add a substantial effects section, a step sequencer, a 2013 arpeggiator, full sized keys and a very powerful modulation section – you have a mean bass-stard of a synth.

Read on to watch the You Tube Clip which gives you a brief look at the new Novation Bass Station II Analogue Mono Synth but really shows you what great products that have come from this company as well as demonstrating how they can be used.

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Apr 6

Novation Launchpad S is the latest version of the truly great 64 pad control surface for Ableton Live known simply as the Novation Launchpad. At about £150, this multi colour controller, the Launchpad S can do all that the Launchpad can do but it can do it quicker and it can now be used in conjunction with the iPad. You may notice how much brighter it all is. I will enjoy seeing this at MusikMesse next week but for now there is this great little You Tube clip to wet your appetite.

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