Jun 28



It is good to see that manufactures are still bringing out new Analogue Synths. Many of them are small and compact with sufficient knob-tweaking controls for you to create your next Dubstep sound or effect for a movie soundtrack. Arturia are one such company and have taken the step in producing their first Analogue Synth – the Arturia Minibrute.

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Jun 28

Roland have only just announced (a few minutes ago) on their Roland Connect Site – June 2013, of the release of their new AC40 Compact Acoustic Chorus Stereo Amplifier; Micro CUBE GX ultra-compact Amplifier; CUBE-20GX Amplifier with Pro COSM tones and iCUBE LINK; CUBE-40GX Hi-Octane Amplifier with iCUBE LINK and the CUBE-80GX a versatile stage or studio Amplifier with iOS connectivity. Have a look at the YouTube clip to give you a better idea and watch some beautiful playing from Nita Strauss of the Iron Maidens.

Jun 23

Prime Loops at Loopmasters – Deadly Dubstep

Get all of your Prime Loops at Loopmasters. With this awesome sample pack you are transported to the dark side at such an insane low cost. Galactic effects, exploding stars, black holes, dubstep impacts, deep laser beats pulling you to the year 3000.

Also with all the best formats like WAV, REX, ACID, Apple Loops, MIDI and Reason Refills.

Simply click on the image above and be transported across the cosmos to see and hear for yourself – I did. Don’t forget all your favourite Prime Loops available at Loopmasters.

Jun 7


I don’t know about you but I love Sonnox Plug-Ins and for the whole of June 2013 you can get 40% off at those great people at Loopmasters. Just click the Sonnox Enhance image above to take you direct to sale page and the many Sonnox options available such as Sonnox Inflator, Sonnox Limiter, Sonnox EQ, Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec and Sonnox Ultimate Oxford Plugins Collection plus more all with that essential loudness and punch that you have been looking for – excellent stuff and for a great price throughout June.

Jun 6

Sometimes simplicity can be so effective and when you are trying to program some drum beats you get stuck for ideas (a bit like Writers block), it is therefore good to see something like this. Here we have Ryan Lucero simply demonstrating three rhythmic ideas that you can try out with ease.

His first pattern uses eighth notes and triplets and is just – 1 and 2 and er 3 and 4 and er.
The second pattern uses sixteenth and eighth notes 1 e a 2 e and 3 e a 4 e and
The third pattern uses quarter notes, eighth notes and triplets 1 2 and a 3 and – and

Easy, watch the instruction and give it a try. I am going to try them on my Native Instruments Maschine and then make them into something special.

Jun 4


There are Plug-Ins and Plug-Ins but personally I like something a bit different. You get to the point where you have many reverbs, filters, gates and all types of shapers but what if you could put them all in a bag and mix them all up to create something new? Well it looks like Audio Damage have achieved it with Native Instruments Monark-looking new plug-in called Mangleverb which will bring together a silky reverb, sexy filters, something to keep your transients in shape, a low pass filter gate as well as a rhythmic gate and a VCA nicely syncing in time. But imagine these all mixed together.

Whether you are Windows user or a MAC it has sensibly been designed as a 64 Bit Plug-in but more importantly it is very easy to use and achieve remarkable results with its mean drive circuit giving you all the grit you will need. At $49 from Audio Damage it looks like a must-have to me. Have a look and listen to this :-