Jul 25

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revolution


Its here at last – sorry for the wait. Have a listen to all 20 kits and their patterns by playing the You Tube clip above.




New Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revoulution.

20 High Quality Kits packed with Electro, Industrial and Filtered Sounds recorded at 24 Bit 96 kHz. 20 Project Files, 20 Pattern Files, 20 Kits and 320 Poweful Wav files bursting with energy.

To purchase these awesome kits simply click on the image.




Jul 25

I came across this You Tube clip from Sarah Jones (Bat for Lashes, Hot Chip) and her use of the new Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad. I purchased one of these and I must say I agree with everything Sarah says on this clip.

The shape and size makes it ideal to fit in with any setup whether it is acoustic drums or electronic setup. The playing surface is a nice size and its curved shape perfectly fits around your drum rims.

It has a very responsive feel to it and no crosstalk and it is very inexpensive. It is only a single trigger. I wish Roland would make them in pairs so that you don’t have to waste a dual input on a single trigger.

Great Clip Sarah


Jul 18

New Native Instruments Expansion Pack for Maschine – Static Friction


They are at it again, yet another expansion pack (Static Friction) from those masters of the Maschine – Native Instruments. There is no doubt about it they certainly support Maschine and keep the products coming with more goodies to tempt us with. I love the name and the expansion pack interests me quite a bit but I was not blown away by the audio demo. What does interest me is the amount of patterns you get – 339. I am sure you can find something very useable amongst these. Other goodies include 51 Custom Massive presets, 33 Kits and 7 Full Maschine Projects.

Go on admit it, it is starting to tempt you a little bit. They certainly use some provocative words like “Magnetic Mainfloor Rhythms” and “Energized Drum Kits”. I know it is not cheap at 49 Euros. I personally think 25-30 Euros is about the right price but when you consider that it has been produced with the help from the top producer, DJ and Tech house specialist – Florian Meindl, then you are paying for something a bit special here.

Jul 13


Don’t forget if you are looking to put a bit of bite into your M-Audio Venom, get Snakedance today at only £7.99 (approx $12 or 9.25 Euros), great price for 50 Aggressive Single Patches and 10 Infectious Multi-Patches.

Combining beefy analog sounds with modern digital processing. You get everything from filthy leads, glossy sweeping filters to Bone-Shaking Bass. Simple Download – Just click on the image.