Feb 13

Have you heard Black Lab? – Have you heard of Black Lab?

Black Lab are an American alternative rock band that have released four main albums and will be very soon releasing their fifth album. The multi- talented Paul Durham who is the lead vocalist is extremely excited about this and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

I have followed Black Lab’s strange career since their success of having one of their tracks as part of the Spider-Man soundtrack. As soon as I heard this powerful song Learn to Crawl, I was hooked and wanted to hear more and discovered they had a fantastic album to go with this track, the album called Your Body Above Me not only had the power and distortion elements, dirty drums and awesome vocals but had such a melodic element to them that set them aside from many other rock bands. For me, I loved everything about this album. The lyrics were great, the hooks very catchy but combine a grungy sound with melodic and superb vocals and you have something very special.

Have a listen to one of my favourites tracks from 1997 with a beautiful smooth sounding guitar track:-

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