Apr 24

I came accross this today and thought what an excellent cover version of Sting’s classic song – An Englishman in new York.

It is about time we had a bit more music on the site and when you here these three guys – The Trio – if the Nord Piano doesn’t blow you away, I am sure the driving bass will. This is played with such a great perfect funky groove that really suits this song. See what you think – I love it.

Apr 12


Waves has just released the new Vitamin plugin which is a multiband harmonic enhancer and tone-shaping plugin. They tell us that it will make your tracks or mix sound powerful and full of spark. This is done apparently by Vitamin mixing an enriched version with the original signal.

I thought I would give this a try as it was half-price at present and you could get a further 10% discount from one of their discount codes. The price will go up to $199 soon.
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