Jun 23


I am sorry I haven’t been around for a while now, I have been busy on another project which I will tell you about hopefully by November if I complete it by then. In my brief spare time, I came accross this excellent version of “Moves Like Jagger” interstingly performed by an assortment of very tallented people.

First up is the beautiful drummer Meytal Cohen. I am sure you have seen her on many other You Tube clips. She has a very smooth and relaxed way of playing and always looks like she loves what she is doing – great stuff.

Then there is the famous keyboard and iPad wizzard himself – Jordan Rudess who actually dances on this clip. Vocals are performed by the angelic sexy voice of Tammy Scheffer who provides some jazzy tones to this great song.The arrangement and additional iPad playing by a young Gentle Giant Fan called Eyal Amir.

Anyway have a listen, I am sure you will find this entertaining stuff as I did. If you dont like the song enjoy the dancing:-