Sep 7


Native Instruments do not stand still, we now have two new large packages to tempt us – Komplete 10 and Komplete Ultimate 10. If you are an existing user of Komplete 9, what do you get for your £155 upgrade to 10? Is it worth upgrading?

Well the new products that have been added to version 9 to form version 10 are three new instruments – ROUNDS, KONTOUR and POLYPLEX, and three new pianos that has been named THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION. Komplete 10 contains a total of 39 products and over 12,000 sounds while the massive Komplete 10 Ultimate, which offers 75 products and over 17,000 sounds, You should be able to get your hands on either of them from 1 October 2014.

Whilst you may feel that these are expensive, you are looking at a saving of approx 90% over the cost of purchasing the instruments and effects separately.

ROUNDS gives you powerful sound design possibilities coupled with a very advanced sequencer so that you can not only play melodies, chords, and arpeggios but you can morph sounds in real time.

KONTOUR is a new synth that Native Instruments say that it is capable of organic textures from mallets to plucked and bowed strings to distorted, aggressive and noisy sounds.

My Favourite is POLYPLEX which gives you a great way to design your own drum kits. Native Instruments advertise this as “An eight-part drum sampler with extraordinary randomizing capabilities, creative layering, and near-infinite tweakability”. Sounds great to me!

THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION gives you three high-definition sampled pianos called THE GENTLEMAN (an upright piano from 1908), THE GRANDEUR ( a bright concert grand piano),and THE MAVERICK (a 1905 concert grand).

Check this out.