Oct 31

I love these You Tube clips that Brett Domino does. As well as being very funny, you have to agree that they are recorded extremely well. I wonder who does the mastering?
This one from Brett is specific to Halloween and how you can make a hit ready for the 31st October.

Brett demonstrates his abilities on Korg’s new RK100S Keytar Synthesizer. Have a watch and listen – great fun

Oct 31

The new Kurzweil Forte premium stage piano is now available in the UK and it sounds awesome. Have a listen in clip above.

It has a brand new sound engine from Kurzweil’s patented FlashPlay technology, giving you very fast access to its large 16GB sample memory. So as you would guess it powers up really quickly and what all keyboard players want is no loading time when you are changing between sounds. With this technology you really get a great level of detail in the sound that has not been achieved before on a hardware keyboard. The Forte’s new piano sounds are modelled on German and Japanese grand pianos as you would expect. The dynamics are awesome and the sound is very realistic. It is also very rugged and ideal for a life on the road

Oct 25

Alesis MicLink Wireless Digital Wireless Microphone Adapter


Welcome to great new product from Alesis – the new Alesis MicLink Wireless Digital Wireless Microphone Adapter This is total Wireless Freedom for all you great singers and what’s more you don’t have to buy a wireless mic.

Alessis have done a great job of making this easy, hassle – free just look at their simplification ideas here:-

1. Plug the MicLink Wireless universal XLR transmitter into your dynamic mic of choice.
2. Turn on the receiver.
3. Press and hold the pair button on the receiver and transmitter for 3 seconds.
4. Start performing – for up to 60 feet, for over 6 hours, and with up to 5 wireless systems working simultaneously.

How about that you don’t have any of that awkward channel searching, obviously no  wires to spoil your performance and no loss  in quality – just an easy wireless solution for whatever dynamic mic you are using at the moment – I am impressed have a look at the spec:-
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Oct 8

I did not expect to hear about this yet, I am still getting to grips with Ozone 5 from Izotope.

Unfortunately there is an upgrade price. For the basic upgrade from any previous versions of Ozone to upgrage to Ozone 6 costs $99. Its hard to say at this stage what you are going to get for your $99. Izotope state this which does not tell you much:-

“Ozone 6, the latest version of iZotope’s complete mastering system, has a workflow centered around creativity: A redesigned, modern interface guides and inspires users of all experience levels at every step, so you can freely experiment with ease”.

I was more interested in this statement from them: “Reinvent timeless sounds by harnessing the sonic texture of classic analog gear, then tweak with the surgical precision of digital software. An intuitive display and robust visual feedback let you dial in your signature sound in just a few clicks”.

This is a “Coming Soon” clip to get you interested:-