About Tonylongmusic.co.uk

Drummer, Synth Player, Songwriter and Sound Designer.

As a musician I have been writing songs for quite a few years now and some time ago I decided to embark on a new project which took me in a new direction ~ writing and recording simultaneously.

This change in my approach gave me ideas beyond my ideas and taught me skills to become a sound engineer as well as a musician. This seems more common today as technology brings the feasibility of a home studio a true reality to produce quality recordings. There is no doubt in my mind that every songwriter loves to get his work recorded to be proud to have a product that is truly his or hers own work.

To this end and after fourteen months of dedicated hard work I had produced my first true album and yes I feel very proud. As the project came near to its end, I had the need to learn yet another skill. This time I needed to be a graphic artist and produce the artwork for my CD.

Well I did both to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do. I am now more involved with Sound Design for popular Synths. If you are a keyboard player, check out the range of sound patches I have available and don’t forget to bookmark my site and check back from time to time, as I am always adding new material.

Thanks for viewing my site.

Tony Long