Sep 18

New Native Instruments  Maschine Expansion – Lazer Dice



No sooner have Native Instruments released an expansion pack called Static Friction, today they have released another to add to their overwhelming arsenal of sounds and patterns called Lazer Dice.

Lazer Dice is a cool blend of Synthesizer Electronica with that old deep and rich south hip-hop sounds. Synth sounds have been carefully created using their famouse Massive Synth.

With 47 Kits and 206 patterns to add to your collection covering futuristic bass and lead sounds, 800 deep sub-bass kicks, pitched snare drum rolls, essential bass drops, there is enough creative potential to keep you going for months.

Why not purchase LAZER DICE today available for $49 USD / 49 EUR. If you think this price is a bit high, why not try my expansion for Maschine called the FILTA REVOLUTION.

The FILTA REVOLUTION brings the energy and power of industrial, retro and techno sounds to your Native Instruments Maschine and features special kits designed to bring out your song-writing creativity. Listen to demo and get full details HERE.

Sep 16


I love MPCs almost as much as Native Instruments Maschine. Whilst Native Instruments simply have two models, AKAI seem to want to release a variety to suit a range of pockets and uses.

Their latest is the new USB-powered MPC called – Element (available in October) at an incredible price of only $150 and very portable just under 17 mm thick MPC Pad type Controller. It comes elegantly packed with the new MPC Essentials software. Despite its low price it has all that you need and come to expect in an MPC from Akai. 1 GB of a fantastic Sound Library, easy to see multi-coloured and pressure and velocity-sensitive pads. You still have Swing, Tap Tempo, Note Repeat, Swing, Full Level and 16 Level.

Its actual size is 284mm x 205mm x 16.89mm and weighs only 1.85 pounds (0.86kg). Akai’s MPC Element operates via standard MIDI, so you can use it to control any MIDI music software – great stuff. I think DAW users are going to love this they will be able to run virtually unlimited instances of Element in their DAWs simultaneously. What are you waiting for – buy one of these, load your own samples, add in up to four insert effects per pad and make some super beats. I have not seen a UK price yet but $150 is approx £95, so I think it will be about £100 mark which is excellent when you weigh up what you are getting here.

Sep 8


Here is the second part of my collection of clips to help you on your way with Native Instruments Maschine. They are full of Tips and Tricks and information to help you understand and if you are not sure about something – just rewind and watch again. Also there maybe a similar clip covering the same topic but it could be explained a bit differently and this may help you. I want to say a Big Big thanks to the Guys that put these together to help all you folk out there- Many Many Thanks – Great Job.


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Sep 4

These types of product releases always catch my eye, especially when they come from Roland – The new Roland Handsonic HPD-20 Digital Hand Percussion. This looks packed with goodies and a noticable improvement over the original HPD-10 and the larger HPD-15 with more instruments and kits. You get 850 excellent sounds with quality of Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine. If you add in 13 very sensitive and playable pads, Multi-effects, EQ and Ambience and WAV import via USB you start to have something very special, very portable to hit the streets with.

The specification is very impressive but I sincerely wish they would step up to today’s quality sample rates. I was disappointed to see that as we fast approach 2014 that Roland are still using 16 bits at 44.1 kHz. I think it is about time we saw 24Bit and 96 KHz from them – it has gone on long enough. Please let us have some Flagship quality.

Ok now I am off my soapbox, what other goodies does the Handsonic HPD-20 have? Well possibly the most asked for is ability to import your own samples and the HPD-20 has it. You can import up to 500 of your own WAV sounds via USB flash memory – excellent.

It has great controller qualities and you could use it to control and play virtual instruments and record your MIDI and audio performances in your DAW.
There is storage capacity for two hundred kits of which a hundred of them have have been readily setup for you ready to just instantly play.

Around the back you will find sufficient connections; MIDI In and Out, Trigger Input, Hi-Hat Controller Input, Stereo Output and Phones, Mix In and Footswitch, USB Computer and USB Memory Ports.

Have a quick look at this:-

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Jul 25

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revolution


Its here at last – sorry for the wait. Have a listen to all 20 kits and their patterns by playing the You Tube clip above.




New Native Instruments Maschine Expansion from Tony Long Music – The Filta Revoulution.

20 High Quality Kits packed with Electro, Industrial and Filtered Sounds recorded at 24 Bit 96 kHz. 20 Project Files, 20 Pattern Files, 20 Kits and 320 Poweful Wav files bursting with energy.

To purchase these awesome kits simply click on the image.




Jul 25

I came across this You Tube clip from Sarah Jones (Bat for Lashes, Hot Chip) and her use of the new Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad. I purchased one of these and I must say I agree with everything Sarah says on this clip.

The shape and size makes it ideal to fit in with any setup whether it is acoustic drums or electronic setup. The playing surface is a nice size and its curved shape perfectly fits around your drum rims.

It has a very responsive feel to it and no crosstalk and it is very inexpensive. It is only a single trigger. I wish Roland would make them in pairs so that you don’t have to waste a dual input on a single trigger.

Great Clip Sarah


Jul 18

New Native Instruments Expansion Pack for Maschine – Static Friction


They are at it again, yet another expansion pack (Static Friction) from those masters of the Maschine – Native Instruments. There is no doubt about it they certainly support Maschine and keep the products coming with more goodies to tempt us with. I love the name and the expansion pack interests me quite a bit but I was not blown away by the audio demo. What does interest me is the amount of patterns you get – 339. I am sure you can find something very useable amongst these. Other goodies include 51 Custom Massive presets, 33 Kits and 7 Full Maschine Projects.

Go on admit it, it is starting to tempt you a little bit. They certainly use some provocative words like “Magnetic Mainfloor Rhythms” and “Energized Drum Kits”. I know it is not cheap at 49 Euros. I personally think 25-30 Euros is about the right price but when you consider that it has been produced with the help from the top producer, DJ and Tech house specialist – Florian Meindl, then you are paying for something a bit special here.

Jun 6

Sometimes simplicity can be so effective and when you are trying to program some drum beats you get stuck for ideas (a bit like Writers block), it is therefore good to see something like this. Here we have Ryan Lucero simply demonstrating three rhythmic ideas that you can try out with ease.

His first pattern uses eighth notes and triplets and is just – 1 and 2 and er 3 and 4 and er.
The second pattern uses sixteenth and eighth notes 1 e a 2 e and 3 e a 4 e and
The third pattern uses quarter notes, eighth notes and triplets 1 2 and a 3 and – and

Easy, watch the instruction and give it a try. I am going to try them on my Native Instruments Maschine and then make them into something special.

May 31

Native Instruments Maschine Custom Kits New Price

native-instruments-maschin- kits

There was a nice surprise in my e-mail today as Native Instruments have decided to reduce their custom kits to change the colour of your Native Instruments Maschine using their anodized aluminum, faceplates and matching knobs.

These are very nice but the price was too high for most folk. The price today has come down from $79 to $29 or 69 Euros to 29 Euros – lets hope they stay at these prices.

The Colours of the Machine Faceplates are Solid Gold, Dragon Red, Pink Champagne, Steel Blue and Smoked Graphite. I like the Solid Gold and Dragon Red – how about you?

Apr 24

It is out now to download – the new Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – Pulswerk. I got mine today and there are some great evolving sounds, kits and patterns. There are in fact 7 full projects, 30 Drum Kits and 20 Special kits, 60 Massive Presets, 10 Multi-Effects Kits and 215 Patterns all in the 698 MB file. As well as the Drum Sounds you get Chords, Bleeps, Glitches, Drones, Pads, and other Pitched sounds. I love the Drones.

Listen to the Soundcloud Clip in the previous post.

Native Instruments PULSWERK expansion for your Maschine gives you all the sounds you need. Perfect for Minimalistic Techno and House music but with your imagination you could use it in any genre. Have you got yours yet – Buy it today why don’t ya?

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