Apr 24

It is out now to download – the new Native Instruments Maschine Expansion – Pulswerk. I got mine today and there are some great evolving sounds, kits and patterns. There are in fact 7 full projects, 30 Drum Kits and 20 Special kits, 60 Massive Presets, 10 Multi-Effects Kits and 215 Patterns all in the 698 MB file. As well as the Drum Sounds you get Chords, Bleeps, Glitches, Drones, Pads, and other Pitched sounds. I love the Drones.

Listen to the Soundcloud Clip in the previous post.

Native Instruments PULSWERK expansion for your Maschine gives you all the sounds you need. Perfect for Minimalistic Techno and House music but with your imagination you could use it in any genre. Have you got yours yet – Buy it today why don’t ya?

Apr 23

Coming Soon a new Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Pack called Pulswerk

I was pleased to hear about this today from Native Instruments – another new Maschine expansion pack called Pulswerk. Pulswerk is minimal techno and house sounds – I can’t wait. I really like the sounds in this one. Have a listen – What do you think?

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/89160835″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”190″ iframe=”true” /]

Apr 21


After an exhausting long and fun time reviewing the very popular Native Instruments Maschine Mk2, I am now in a great position to take a close look at the recently released AKAI Studio MPC with its thin silver looks to tempt you into the world of groove and beatboxes, loopers and samples. There are lots of forum discussions and people comparing Native Instruments Maschine and different AKAI MPC products such as the AKAI Studio MPC and when you are trying to make the right choice it is difficult because both are fantastic machines. It is really your own personal preference. If you are very familiar with AKAI MPC products then the AKAI Studio MPC may very well be right for you. If you have never had a tap on either of these 16 pad wonders, then really you should try them both and make up your own mind as to how much you prefer both hardware and software.

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Apr 10

It is a great privilege to be attending Musikmesse in Frankfurt this weekend. Already there has been a surprising announcement of new products – Korg Kross Synth, Novation Bass Station II, Roland RC-505 Looper, Native Instruments Komplete 9 software package, Avid Pro Tools 11 DAW, Arturia KeyLab range of professional-grade MIDI keyboard controllers with all-new accompanying Analog Lab synthesizer software, Genelec M Series Monitors, Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2 software synth, Softube Console 1 hardware/software music mixing solution, TC Helicon Harmony Singer, Novation Launchpad S, Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface, Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad, Nord Lead 4, Korg Volca analogue groove boxes, Nord Piano 2 HP, RME MADiface XT – the world’s first USB 3.0 audio interface, SPL Crimson USB Audio Interface & Controller, and at long last the Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth.

I am sure there are many others that will capture my heart and interest and possibly my wallet. I hope to bring back some great pictures and useful information to share with you

Apr 6

Novation Launchpad S is the latest version of the truly great 64 pad control surface for Ableton Live known simply as the Novation Launchpad. At about £150, this multi colour controller, the Launchpad S can do all that the Launchpad can do but it can do it quicker and it can now be used in conjunction with the iPad. You may notice how much brighter it all is. I will enjoy seeing this at MusikMesse next week but for now there is this great little You Tube clip to wet your appetite.

Apr 6

Native Instruments Komplete 9

Native Instruments Komplete 9 is a massive package and if you are a Maschine or a Maschine Micro owner you can get this 120 GB mammoth pack for a lot less money. Its integration between Maschine and Komplete 9 products is excellent. It is so large that it does take a little while to load but once the job is done it is great. Komplete 9 has so many excellent components like the new Monark Synth and the Drum Sampler Battery 4. With Absynth 5, Massive , the Giant Piano, Guitar Rig 5, Reaktor 5, Kontakt 5, the Finger and FM8 to name but a few of Komplete 9’s 33 items.

Have a look at this great little composition using the Maschine Micro and Komplete 9 as it demonstrates what can easily be achieved:-

Apr 4

Roland seems to do things in quarters and for the second quarter of 2013 just shortly before Musikmesse they have released a few products. The one that caught my eye was the new Boss RC-505 Loop Station. The RC-505 is incredible eye-catching with its colourful display of hands-on controls.

What is the RC-505 Loop Station? Well yes you guessed it is a Looper for you to create phrases, infact five phrases that can all play at the same time. It has some great effects and is full of rhythmic fun.

For each of the five tracks you have dedicated buttons to record, overdub, play or stop as it easily grabs your performance with everything at your fingertips including volume faders,great on board effects (21 input effects and 25 DJ/sampler-style track FX) and 85 rhythms available. What I found remarkable here is, on just one track you can get up to three hours of stereo recording – Wow

At a price of £449 the Roland Boss RC-505 Loop Station it is looking very tempting.

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Mar 24


Mackie, who are renowned for their quality speakers and mixers have come up with an idea which allows you to mix easily and wirelessly away from the stage with an iPad and introduced the Mackie DL1608 digital mixer. Namm 2013 has brought two further products in this respect, one from Behringer (who love to copy ideas from other manufactures) called the iX16 iPad Mixer and the other is from Mackie themselves but as a smaller 8 channel mixer the DL808. You can’t help notice the speed at which iOS devices are being used more and more in serious professional music applications as an excellent tool to display all kinds of information in a much readable presentation than many small LCD screens have struggled with in the past. Maybe there will come a time when every piece of hardware has a facility to work with a tablet of some description.

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Mar 4

I love watching clever people on Native Instruments Maschine. Not only is there some great finger technique here but there are some great sounds and effects. The world of maschine with endless possibilities. Have a look at this YouTube clip:-

Feb 7


Well here it is – yes the Big One, (well it is certainly the best purchase I made in 2012) – The one, the only …. Natives Instruments Maschine – Da Da.

It has been going strong now for a few years since its launchbut unfortunately I have not had use of one up till now. As a drummer I love all things rhythmic and believe it or not I love drum machines. The Maschine however is much, much more than a drum machine and despite my large unused sample collection that has been growing over the years; it has taken me right until the release of the Maschine Mk2 to realise how useful this could be to me. It has not just been for the fact that the organisation of my samples is well overdue but the anticipation of the creative fun that I can have with them. I can’t really say that it did not grab my imagination when it was released, because it did, I just did not think that it was right for me at that time and I was more interested in buying a hardware synth. However, times change and things move on and this now feels very right for me and I like the idea of making music quicker and it being more fun. The only thing is – is that I am a complete newbie to the world of Maschine and the many hands-on beat makers out there, and so if you are also considering making your first leap, then this may be of some use to you.

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