Nov 13




I came across this stunning wallpaper for Sonar X2 and thought this was an excellent piece of work and it got me thinking that Roland / Cakewalk keep moving things forward so quickly that I have hardly had time to get to grips with Sonar X1. If you are like me and are just getting started with Sonar X2 then you may appreciate having a bunch of selected Sonar X2 clips from You Tube to help you on your way all in one place for quick reference – I know I do. As well as the clips below you must also go here for a complete Sonar X2 experience –

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Jul 20

It is great to see Matchbox Twenty back together in the studio. Here is a track from their new album North with the unmistakable voice of Rob Thomas. I like this catchy fun song called “She’s So Mean” but I love the video (How can you not like the video?). There is no Carlos Santana on the track but you can’t have everything. The album should be available on 4th September 2012. It looks like Matchbox Twenty have worked out ‘which way is north and found their way again.

Mar 3

As a tribute to a great man, here is my favourite track – Gerry Rafferty – Waiting for the Day taken from the famous album City to City which went to No 1 in the Album charts in the US in 1978.

Gerry Rafferty (16 April 1947 – 4 January 2011) was a Scottish singer and songwriter. Most people remember him for the song “Baker Street”, but I still love this one – Give it a listen:-

Dec 23

Hi, I am proud to announce that I have just released a new soundset for the Access Virus – “Creative Distortion”. This is the third soundset for the Access Virus from Tony Long Music. There are 128 Creative Sounds crafted with cunning distortion to assist songwriting creativity.

This aggressive soundpack is essential for all genres – from Rock to Trance and Ambient to Acid. Feed your Access Virus a treat with these infectious patches. Grinding Acid Bass, Amp – Simulated Guitars, screeching leads, Evolving Arps and Pads, Electro-Machine Drums, Dance and Trance Stabs, Tenori-On and sound effects.

There are now 384 sounds available to you in three sets if you are an Access Virus user. I still think the Access virus is one of the best synths in the World – it has such a great design and great support and stands the test of time.

To hear a demo of the sounds, just click the You Tube demo here:-

For further information and download :-

Jul 12

Here is an excellent You Tube Clip for anyone who has ever played in a band at a Wedding. I am sure you will fully relate to this and in my opinion it is spot on, extremely funny and you will want to take some of the stock phrases to use at your next Gig. Thanks Cliff for bringing this one to my attention. Here goes see what you think:-

Jun 22

The much awaited new Korg Kronos should be available in the shops in the UK in the next few weeks. This is sure to win keyboard of the year for 2011. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these amazing workstations then you may like to watch the Video Manual which is in six parts. These cover 6 essential parts :- 1. Introduction and Navigation, 2. Program Mode, 3. Combination Mode, 4. Sequencer Mode, 5. Set List Mode and 6. Disk Mode.

Please click here and scroll down to watch:-

Jan 23

“DRIVE” from my album MINAMALISTIC

As a bit of fun I have created a clip for my track “Drive”. I find this a great track to play in a car. You can download this for free by going here:- – Simply click on the “Play” button and then save the file. I hope you like it as much as I do. Please see my Home page or Music page for full details of the album. Watch this:-

Jan 23

I am a great fan of both Imogen Heap and TC Helicon Vocal hardware so it was good to see Imogen and the VoiceLive 2 being used on stage. Imogen really knows how to get the best out of today’s technology and makes a great effort to discover a wide range of products to create herindividual sound. Her child-like approach to touch and play with everything around her musical life has trained her to be a master of today’s musical inovations. The vocal complexities that she achieves both live and in the studio need the type of products that TC are producing today. I have thought that there has been a wide gap in the market for a number of years for vocal hardware. There are too many pedals in the world for the guitarist and nowhere near enough for the vocal performer. I hope TC continue to produce these products.

Have a look at Imogen:-

Dec 30

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Thanks very much – Happy New Year

Aug 20

Pictures Of People from Black Lab on Vimeo.

I am really pleased that Paul Durham from my favourite band BLACK LAB has included a picture of me in their latest video of their song PICTURES OF PEOPLE.

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