1. I cannot download what I have ordered

Answer – Simply complete the contact Form above to give me details of your problem. Make sure you have given your correct e-mail address and I will e-mail you your order as soon as possible.

2. My download is a RAR file (.rar.) – my compter can’t read it – help!!

Answer – Don’t panic! Some of the downloads you’ll find are provided as RAR (.rar) files. Like a ZIP file this is an easy was for you to download many smaller files in one easy download. Both PC’s & Macs can unzip .rar files easily using free programs.

PC users should download WinRAR.
OS X users should download UnRAR.

3. When I click the ‘Download’ button I see a page of code! Help!

Answer – This is a bug in the way the new version of Safari reads certain web pages, there are two solutions:

a) Right click the download button and choose ‘Download Linked File’ from the menu (you may need to add .rar to the filename before saving).

b) Use an alternative free web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox to download the link.