The Roland TD30 Kit  –  Probably the best electronic kit in the world

The Zildjian Acoustic Electric Cymbals – Probably the best looking cymbals in the world

Caitlin on Drums – my kinda drummer

Caitlin really has that funky style, go-for-it attitude and looks to be a great drummer.

Funny Wedding Drummer – I love this

I am sure this man drums at everyone’s wedding. He has a great exagerated arm technique. Learn to play drums like this:-

Dale Anne Brendon – Great Birch Sound – Great Skills – Great Solo

Very relaxed player with a perfectly tuned kit. The toms sound awesome.

Here is the girl to teach you how to twist ’em

Twisting sticks is all part of being a drummer and on stage you have got to be a showman. I like to twist the sticks between cymbal hits.

Best Drum Intro – Deep Purple – Fireball

You just can not get a better drum intro than this. Designed by the legend himself – Ian Paice and in memory of Jon Lord

Play along to this – Great Fun -The Who

Keith Moon (The Who) – I always found that when you drum along with this track you can almost hit anything and it sounds right. On this clip however, although I love the original to bits, I came across a Disco Remix which I had never heard before and found this not only a great mix but a bit of fun.

Now for something completely different
Wishbone Ash – Vas Dis – Steve Upton on Drums

Steve Upton the original and best drummer of Wishbone Ash – Great snare technique

Who should be Crowned King?

Battle between three of the greatest drummers in the World – Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta

The Modern Drummer – Native Instruments – Maschine

This may not be a drum kit but there is an amazing amount of rhythmic skill demonstrated by Jeremy Ellis on Native Instruments Maschine

Lovely Kit – The Roland TD20KX

The Greatest Electronic Kit in the World – Roland TD20KX demonstrated by Johnny Rabb

Good Advice – Melt a Bass Drum Porthole

We all have our own ideas on how we feel a bass drum should sound and a good idea is to cut a Porthole in the front Bass Drum head – Watch this to see how it should be done

Learn to Shuffle with one of the greatest – Jeff Porcaro

You need to get this down to play Toto’s Rosanna

Korg Wavedrum – Tabla Technique from Peter Lockett

If you have always wanted to play a Tabla, Peter Lockett will show you how using Korg’s realistic Wavedrum

What a lovely pair of hands – Caroline Corr on the Bodhran

The beautiful and very talented Caroline Corr and her Bodhran solo

Michael Shack on the V-Drums and two Roland SPD-30s – great performance

It looks like Michael Shack has rubber arms – he is my favorite electronic drummer and makes great use of Roland V-Drums and SPD-30s

Who needs a double bass drum pedal? – Great lesson from Mike Johnston

What a great right foot – looks easy but Mike Johnston shows you how to practice the things you are weak at – Contains some very good advice

Sadly this drummer knows this tune too well – Super Mario Bros 3?

This is just mad, sad and crazy but it goes to show what you can do with any song no matter how silly it is – even the Super Mario Bros

Tempest – NAMM 2011 – New Analog Drum Machine from Dave Smith

Dave Smith and Roger Linn have made an Analog Drum Machine fit for 2011 called the Tempest

NAMM 2011 ARTURIA SPARK Creative Drum Machine

SPARK – a Hybrid drum machine here from Arturia which is both hardware and software with some good looks and cool sounds

Namm 2011 – Korg Wavedrum Oriental – Limited Edition

This is just what a Korg’s Wavedrum should have – sounds to add to your existing setup

Zildjian Electro Acoustic Cymbals

Even before you here them, you must admit that Zildjian’s GEN16 Electro Acoustic Cymbals look so good

The Best place to play Drums

Good fun drumming with a cover of the Black Eyed Peas song “The Time” (Dirty bit) by Vincent Girault

Urban Drumming Techniques featuring JLaToiya

There is some real tight Urban Drumming here from JLaToiya – excellent playing from this Lady

Top Drummers Blown Away by Roland’s new TD-30 kit

Namm 2012 and Roland finally upgrade the TD20 to the new TD-30. Here we have the TD30KV V-Drums Pro. With new Pads PD128 and new Hi-hat VH-13

What is he going to do when he upgrades to a TD-30?

The fantastic Michael Schack puts his V-Drums TD-20KX through their paces for one final time. It looks like the whole world is in his front room including a live DJ. What will he come up with next when his TD-30 Kit arrives?