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I find it interesting that with all the reviews and training you tube clips that are out there, no one has mentioned a significant change in Native Instruments Maschine 2.0 software over version 1.8 when it comes to dealing with Patterns. In fact it is completely different and so are the file names.

Here are the Maschine 2.0 Browser icons from left to right showing; Projects, Groups, Sounds, Instruments, Effects, Samples, Native Instrument Files and User Files:-


These are the version 1.8 which have similarities but show; Disk, Projects, Groups, Sounds, Patterns, Instruments, Effects, Samples, :-


Under version 2.0, a Project contains all data needed for a song: Groups with their Patterns, all Scenes and all settings, modulation, effects, routings, Sounds and Samples. It’s like a snapshot of the entire state of MASCHINE. They have a new filename extension called (.mxprj). They understand the old projects (.mprj).

Under version 2.0, a Group contains 16 Sound slots. In addition to the Effect plug-ins applied to each individual Sound, a Group can have its own insert effect. These affect all the Sounds in the Group. A Group can also contain any number of Patterns grouped into banks of 16 Patterns each. These also have a new filename extension called (.mxgrp). These also understand the old Groups (.mgrp).

Sounds are the building blocks of all sound content in MASCHINE. A Sound is now made up under Version 2.0 of any number of plug-ins. Each Sound of the selected Group is mapped to one of the 16 pads on the hardware controller, so you can play the Sounds by pressing the pads.

A Pattern is a sequence that plays Sounds from a Group. It belongs to that Group and will be saved together with the Group.

Native Instruments actually say how good their old system was in their old manual which states :- A Pattern (.mpat) is therefore usually linked to a Group since it is a part of the Group; however you can also save it independently from the Group. This is useful if you want to try out different drum kits with the same Pattern or different Sounds with a given melody.

Annoyingly, I cannot see where to now load my old (.mpat) files. Do I have to create new groups for each and every one? How long is that going to take? It is a shame that there is not an option that imports Version 1 Pattern files.

With the idea of checking out different kits (Groups) with the same Pattern, this can be achieved with a new facility it seems by loading a Group without the Pattern information.

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  1. Gareth Says:

    Hi thaks for this.

    How do you do the thing you mentioned in the end.
    IE Loading a group without pattern info.

    This can be achieved with a new facility it seems by loading a Group without the Pattern information.

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