Oct 17

How To Sound Like A Professional With Roland V-Drums

One of the main reasons why a novice sounds so bad when he attempts to play an acoustic drum kit is that he hits part of the drum kit that he doesn’t intend to such as the metal rims or he doesn’t hit the drum on the best part of the head to “make” the sound. With Roland electronic drums these issues can easily be eliminated.

With V drum pads it is easy to sound very professional by changing the sound of the rim to another drum completely. For example, if you have four Rock Toms, you could also have four Power Toms on the rims instead of the normal rim sound. If a novice then hits the rim by mistake, it does not sound like a mistake, it sounds like he has purposefully hit another drum with a different sound characteristic.

As the novice practices he will then soon discover the advantages of mixing the rim hits with drum hits and the tonal variation that this provides.

I find it strange that Roland themselves do not promote this idea but seem more concerned with making their electronic drums sound and feel as close as possible to their acoustic counterparts.

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