Nov 11

Yamaha DTX 900 and DTX 950 Electronic Drum Kits

As a drummer (and currently an electronic drummer) I am always interested in what is out there trying to compete with the Roland TD20 kit. Yamaha seem to be getting closer and closer to this with their latest releases  – the DTX900 and DTX 950 kits

We had the rubber pad and then the mesh head and now Yamaha have released a new playing surface on the DTX-PAD with Textured Cellular Silicone (T.C.S.) technology, which offers musicians an expressive playing experience. With no sound on,  these heads are actually more quiet  than conventional rubber electronic drums.  The T.C.S. head uses a  process that puts small air bubbles into foamed silicone to provide playability and feel unlike any other pad. Top drummers were consulted as they wanted the feel of the drums to be more like an acoustic kit so these heads were designed to bring out every nuance and detail so that every acoustic drummer will feel right at home with these drums. The toms have a softer feel than the snare and all of them can be quickly and easily tuned by the singular knob on the drum. They are three zone drums and even have a form of suspension so they “give” a bit as you lay into them. The heads have also been coated to feel like a normal head and to be more durable.

These new drums have been designed for two new kits, the DTX900 and the DTX950.

The DTX900K is a 5 Piece drum set with a 12″ Snare Pad, 3 x 10″ Tom Pads and the 12″ Kick Pad. For the cymbal pads the DTX900 features a 15″ Cymbal Pad and 2 x 13″ Cymbal Pads designed to give natural feel and sway of a cymbal all with the 3 zone function so that you can play the Bell, Ride an Bow independently, these cymbal pads can also be choked. To complete the set is the 13″ hi hat Pad which is controlled using a real hi hat stand with the pad moving up and down to allow for fine control over the range of sounds, you can even play foot splashes. These pads are mounted on the sturdy and compact RS130 drum rack.

The DTX950K is a 6 Piece drum set  with a 12″ Snare Pad, 2 x 10″ Tom Pads and 2 x 12″ Tom Pads and the 12″ Kick Pad. And like the DTX900K the cymbal pads the DTX950K features a 15″ Cymbal Pad and 2 x 13″ Cymbal Pads along with the 13″ hi hat Pad which is controlled using a real hi hat stand. These pads are mounted on the Hexrack, originally developed for Yamaha acoustic drums.

Both of these kits have an upgraded brain which  features a broad spectrum of voices taken from the world renowned MOTIF series synthesizers for a grand total of 1326 voices. It is equipped with rich and powerful DSP effects. In addition to reverb and chorus effects that can be used commonly throughout the whole system, there are variation effects that can be used on each drum kit to bring out the perfect sound which you need. It also has a  AUX IN/SAMPLING IN connector. You can connect it to an external sound source or use a microphone and sample your own voice. In addition you can load original voices from USB flash memory and assign them to different pads. What more do you need – I  must get to a store to play one of these kits. In the meantime I will have to be content with this clip (I love the bass drum technique).

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