Aug 19

Here is something that caught my eye, not because it is a Roland / Boss product but simply because of what the person is doing with it. Watch Youngr in the youtube clip above. I know this sort of thing has been done before but he really demonstrates a variety of skills with using technology, playing various instruments and singing – great stuff.

The Boss RC-202 is a tiny but powerful little unit that I am sure will be great for club performers, electronic musicians and beatboxers. It is based on their RC-505 Loop Station which everyone loved but whilst it is just a two-track it does have a whole load of new features. Four Input FX and four Track FX are available at once, and loops can be saved to memories in real time. It is therefore ideal for looping musicians who have their hands occupied with guitar, keyboards, and other instruments like Youngr on the youtube clip.

You get a great 3 hours of stereo recording capability with 64 phrase memories for saving your masterpieces for instant recall and you can even cycle through these loops without stopping any playback. The Boss RC-202 also comes with a many real-time multi-effects. Four Input FX and four Track FX are available to use at the same time so that you can totally warp your loops into another world. As you record, you can change the sound on-the-fly with Input FX like P. Shift, Lo-Fi, Ring Mod, and more. Track FX such as Beat, Filter, Slicer, and others provide DJ and sampler effects for high-impact processing whilst playing back.

For connectivity you get XLR for a mic, mono/stereo inputs, aux input and headphones. There is also USB and MIDI.


Cost £285.00

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