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I am a Songwriter, Producer, Musician and Sound Designer.  I have been writing songs for quite a few years now and I decided to create this website to share my music and my knowledge.

You will find :- Musical Instrument reviewsSound Design and  My Own Music.

Throughout the Site you will also see a variety of links to:- Absolutemusic

Absolute Music

I have been using their store for years for the simple reason that they are best in the UK. I found them to be knowledgeable, helpful, very reasonably priced and extremely reliable. They have thousands of products ,provide a free delivery service in the UK and a 30-day guarantee. Every item I have purchased from them, they have been cheaper than anyone else in the UK. They even managed to get me a TD20 Brain from Roland, when Roland UK were refusing to sell it separately from the whole TD 20 kit. Every other UK store said that could not get this for me.

I am therefore delighted that I am working alongside them to hopefully provide you with some informative reviews, weighing up the pros and cons, so that you can make your own decisions on what to buy. Once you have done that, I urge you to try Absolute Music and get the best deal for the choice you have made. In my Blog, there are articles and reviews on such great products as:- Roland GAIA SH-01 Synth, Korg Monotron, Yamaha Tenori-On and Simmons Electronic Multi Drum Pad. I also have a bank of Euphoric Access Virus patches and a new bank of sounds for the Roland GAIA SH-01 Synthesizer that I have created, so please listen to the demos or You Tube Clips. The Site is updated daily and there are more Access Virus sounds on the way, so bookmark me now and visit regularly.

Find out more about me and listen to my new album Minamalistic and my new single R&Me.

I am now also working with Loopmasters to expand the range of products, information and interest at my site so I hope you also find this of use to you :-

For some really great music lessons, which in the main cover Piano but also Guitar, Drums and Vocals, please click this link or similar on my Site:-

Thanks for the visit – Best Wishes Tony.

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New Single R&Me Out Now

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