Oct 13

New O/S
You may remember that some months ago I told you about the new O/S for the Access Virus Ti and all of its new incredible features. A Beta version was released for use and testing and finally this week the Virus TI OS has been released. It is is compatible with the entire Virus TI series and supersedes any previous releases. It is available now, free of charge, from the Accees Music website.

Known Issues Fixed
I found a list on-line of problems that have now been resolved and a couple of known issues:-

Opening VST3 Plug-In window multiple times could crash OS X host software (fixed)
Crash in Cubase on OS X when using both VST3 and VST2 Plug-In (fixed)
Stability on OSX when using projects with lots of automation (improved)
Only first and last value stored when recording automation in Pro Tools (fixed)
Occasional crashes when changing the USB port on Mac (fixed)
Virus TI Snow Plug-In created uncompensated latency (fixed)
Distorted audio on certain Mac models (fixed)
USB output settings were lost after switching off/on device (fixed)
Generation of support profiles out of Virus Control
(Mac) MIDI timing improved
Legacy manuals removed from installer.
Wrong status and version displayed when updating Virus TI
Crackling can occur with certain patches (fixed)
Arpeggiator Sync better with VC now
Rotary Speaker gets the signals correctly in Oscillator Split Mode
Random Generator works correctly now
Synced LFO’s will run at correct timing, after you change the LFO Clock
Unison LFO Phase works correctly now
Mod Matrix assignments will not ?drift in time? any more

Outstanding Known issues
Side chaining into audio instruments is currently not supported in Steinberg Cubase.
Ableton Live still changes MIDI timing of tracks recorded with Virus Control instantiated.

Soundset Patches
So if you have an Access Virus Ti download this now free from Access Music and don’t forget if you haven’t purchased them yet. I have two great soundsets which are the best price available – 256 sounds for your enjoyment – Euphoria and Fortune and Glory:-

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