Aug 2

Well here is some info hot off the press – Dave Smith has a new Mopho. This time it is a 44 note semi-weighted keyboard analogue subtractive Synth and it is Polyphonic – four voices hence the name X4. Just imagine what you could achieve with four Mophos playing all at once. It has two fantastic analog oscillators and two sub octave generators. You then get selectable two or four pole Curtis low-pass filter, three 5-stage envelope generators, four LFOs, a re-latchable arpeggiator, and a 16 x 4 step sequencer. Its voice also comes packed with 20 modulation sources and almost 50 destinations.

The keys are velocity sensitive and you get aftertouch. (Every keyboard in the world should have these as standard). What I like about Dave Smith products is their ability to chain their other products together for greater fun an awesome sound possibilities and greater polophony. Simply add a Mopho, a Tetra, or a Prophet 08 and create yourself a 16 voice monster synth.

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