Mar 21

At Musikmesse in Frankfurt  today, a Korg demonstrator explained  that in a few weeks there will be a new operating system 1.6 with editor software. This will make it very easy to edit eveything on a PC or MAC instead of staring at the small screen – Great News.

Alongside this today, Korg is also pleased to announce that KARO EXs Expansion Sample Series and KRS Professional Sound Series libraries are now available for the Kronos Music Workstation. KARO is a sound design team based in Germany, who have been producing high-quality sounds for Korg workstations for several years. Korg is pleased to welcome KARO as the first third-party KRONOS sound developer in their store.

KARO’s EXs Expansion Sample Series libraries span a wide variety of instruments and genres. They include orchestral instruments and ensembles, vintage sounds, ambient soundscapes, and much more. Along with Programs, Combis, and Drum Track patterns, these libraries include varying amounts of PCM data, which is played back directly from KRONOS’ internal solid state hard drive.

Titles and prices:

EXs50 KARO Symphonic Library: $249
EXs51 KARO Unison Orchestra: $199
EXs52 KARO Chamber Strings: $149
EXs53 KARO Scores & Textures: $199
EXs54 KARO Granular Atmospheres: $149
EXs55 KARO Movie Collection: $149
EXs56 KARO Dance Composer: $149
EXs57 KARO Tape Instruments I: $99
EXs58 KARO Tape Instruments II: $149
EXs59 KARO Stage Piano: $99
EXs60 KARO Electric Grand: $99
EXs61 KARO Pedal Bass: $99
EXs62 KARO Pro Solosynth: $129
EXs63 KARO Sophisticated Grooves II: $49

KARO’s KRS Professional Sound Series libraries are collections of Programs, Combis, and Drum Track patterns that collectively take advantage of every synthesis engine within KRONOS. These large collections of synthesizer sounds, organs, dance grooves, and Wave Sequences each have at least 128 Programs; most have much more.

Titles and prices:

KRS-50 KARO Vintage Organs: $49
KRS-51 KARO Spinet Organs: $129
KRS-52 KARO Total Control I: $49
KRS-53 KARO Total Control II: $49
KRS-54 KARO Virtual Analog: $49
KRS-55 KARO Wavestation: $99
KRS-56 KARO Millennium Pop: $99
KRS-57 KARO Frequenzmodulation: $99
KRS-58 KARO X-Modulation: $49
KRS-59 KARO Sophisticated Grooves I: $29

These KARO libraries will be available at 9PM EST on March 21st, 2012 on the Korg website:
Download and try the demo versions for free, and then when you’re ready, buy the authorization codes right from our secure Web Shop.

* System requirements – To install the KARO EXs libraries, you’ll need: – KRONOS software version 1.5.0 or later
* 3 GB of physical RAM recommended

To load some KARO libraries at the same time as the factory preload samples, 3 GB of physical RAM is required. KRONOS system version 1.5.0 adds support for the professional installation of additional RAM; for more information, see the documentation for the 1.5.0 update. With 2 GB of physical RAM, you can still use the KARO libraries, but unloading of some preloaded sample data may be required.

* Demo mode and authorization codes

You can download the KARO EXs data for free. Initially, it will work in demo mode. You’ll be able to play, edit, and save Programs, Combis, Wave Sequences, and Songs which use the KARO EXs libraries – but until you purchase authorization codes (one per library), their sound will fade out periodically. To purchase authorization codes, go to the online shop at Once purchased, entering the authorization codes into the KRONOS removes the audio limitations of demo mode – no additional downloads required.

If you wish to know more about the KARO Sound Development company, here is their contact information:
Kurt Ader & Oliver Rehn, Wallstadter Strasse 64, D-68259 Mannheim, Germany.


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