Nov 5


Controller keyboards continue to improve with more and more functionality and Korg are a company that do not stand still in this respect and who have just discontinued their Kontrol range of Midi keyboard controllers to provide the new
Korg Triton Taktile keyboard controller.

The Triton Taktile has even more real-time controls and functions but has an added bonus with the inclusion of 512 sounds from the well known and loved Triton range of synthesizers.

At only £319 for the Triton Taktile 49 and £239 or the Triton Taktile 25, it has a great spec and fairly good build quality for the price. It has sufficient lights for stage use or badly lit studios. All of its buttons and pads are made of rubber which are translucent. It has a nice playing feel but sadly like many keyboards today it has no aftertouch.

The pitch-bend and modulation wheel which is assignable are not in my favourite position and are positioned in the upper left-hand corner above the keys. It has eight sliders and the buttons below the sliders allow you to assign a Midi Control of your choice. Above the sliders are eight knobs and when the Korg Triton Taktile is in sound mode, these knobs become controls for Filter, Envelope and effects. Unfortunately there is no way that edited sounds can be saved.

Furthermore in the centre there is a mini Kaoss Pad which can be assigned either to trigger notes, chords from a particular scale or software parameters and a ribbon controller which also gives you a range of assignable options. On the right-hand side of the control panel are 16 pads that are assignable, velocity-sensitive and backlit – great for your drum sounds whic is also very useful for the on-board arppegiator which has six modes.

The Korg Triton Taktile is everything you could want from a Midi controller keyboard and at this price anf fuctionality, it is going to be hard to beat and The taktile series is now compatible with iPad.

Dimensions 750 x 290 x 83 mm, Number of Keys 49, Weight 3.8kg.
Dimensions 531 x 290 x 72 mm, Number of Keys 25, Weight 2.5kg.

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