Dec 16

I came across this website recently and found a great site to spend time on watching many of its interesting video clips. Although it leans towards vintage synths with some detailed information, which is great, I also found some other clips containing my favourite up-to-date analogue synths like the Access Virus and the Waldorf Blofeld.

What I particularly liked was the section headed SYNTH BABES – Apart from the obvious reason for this attracting my attention, there was a such a diverse selection of clips.

Amongst the girlies was this classic 1982  THIN LIZZY clip featuring a 70 year English granny named May Booker playing an impressive synth solo on Oberheim OB-X . Have a look at this:-

I also liked the idea of a song called Drum Machine by a young girl called Mira Cook. It is a simple but effective idea. For something sexy with undertones of Delerium, I enjoyed Lords of Acid and a track called I sit on Acid.

Although Matrixsynth is essentially for Synth lovers, I think there is something entertaining there for everyone – give them a look.

I was surprised I didn’t see the following clip on there (or perhaps it is there in the archives). Where was this drummer when we wanted one for our band?

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