Mar 23

Musikmesse 2012 Roland Wireless Connect

Everything is moving fast with portable devices like Apple’s iPad,iPad 2 and now iPad 3 thinking about the Music Industry and how useful they can be. Musicians love control, controllers and definately sound and light and these devices are now overflowing with Apps and new ideas flooding in on a weekly basis. Each main company of musical instruments like Korg and Yamamaha are joining in to make the musical experience better, more intersting and fun. Roland have now started to look at this by preparing their new products to be able to interact with the iPads and iPhones.

At this year’s big Music event in Frankfurt, Germany – Musikmesse, Roland have anounced the Wireless Connect. This basically works by plugging their USB stick into one of their new electronic instruments. You can then  jam along using your iPad or iPhone as a wireless aid. Have a look at this You Tube clip to give you some idea. I personally think this is just the start of much better things to come:-


This seems to work with Roland’s new V Drums TD-11, TD-15 and the TD-30. It would be great if the could update their existing models like the TD-20 and TD-12. With the updated App version of V-Drums Friend Jam, drummers can practice, perform and compete over the web with other drummers around the globe. (alternatively, the current computer variant requires a wired connection). There is also the Air Recorder App to connect to Roland Synths and V-Accordions to record your playing, jam along with songs from your iPhone or both at the same time.

The following instruments are compatible with the Roland Wireless Connect system. Synthesizers: JUNO-Di, JUNO-Gi, JUPITER-80, JUPITER-50, Lucina AX-09, and BK-5/BK-5 OR. V-Drums Sound Modules: TD-30, TD-15, and TD-11. V-Accordions: FR-1x.

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