Jan 25

Building on the success of its Phatty synth family, Moog Music is introducing a new 25-key 31-knob analog synthesiser called the Sub Phatty.

Namm 2013 seems to be full of classic keyboards souds with Korg MS-20 Mini, Dave Instruments Prophet 12 and Moog’s Sub Phatty. The Sub Phatty still part of the Phatty Family (makes me wanna sing “The Adams Family” theme tune) features two variable waveshape oscillators that perform with extreme clarity and accuracy while requiring almost no warm-up time. Users can simply power up, dial in settings, and put their fingers to work on the keys to summon crisp and detailed waveforms with sound that brims with high-frequency harmonic content.

Moog state “We set out to design the grittiest Moog synth ever, one that still offers all of the great sound and flexibility that Moog synthesisers are known for, but that also really has teeth,” said Mike Adams, president of Moog Music (See I told you it was the Adams Family). “One of the great advantages of the Sub Phatty is its ability to conjure aggressive sounds that cut through a dance mix, stand out on-stage, or burn up the studio. We think that everyone from producers and sound designers to DJs and synthesists will have a blast using it.”

At the core of the instrument’s sound, the Sub Phatty’s filter includes the transformative new Multidrive circuit, a unique combination of OTA distortion and FET drive. At low settings, Multidrive adds warmth and width; when pushed, it delivers a screaming snarl that is highly reactive to resonance, waveshape, and oscillator level.

You can access a total of 16 definable presets via the 4×4 preset matrix on the Sub Phatty’s front panel. This matrix also doubles as a control panel as users can select filter poles, set pitch bend amounts, toggle between legato glide modes, and more. These functions can also be accessed via the included Sub Phatty standalone/plugin editor.

The configuration of the Sub Phatty’s mixer section allows users to easily determine, at any given moment, which sources overdrive the filter and which simply pass through it. The mixer section further hosts controls for a square wave sub oscillator; those operating the Sub Phatty can utilize this tool as a third oscillator for added depth, or to craft their own customized incarnations of Moog bass. Also in the mixer section is a noise generator voiced to deliver punchy low-frequency content, designed for analog percussion and sound effects.

I look forward to seeing this when it is available in the UK in late March/early April. It has an RRP of £819.

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