Dec 23

Hi, I am proud to announce that I have just released a new soundset for the Access Virus – “Creative Distortion”. This is the third soundset for the Access Virus from Tony Long Music. There are 128 Creative Sounds crafted with cunning distortion to assist songwriting creativity.

This aggressive soundpack is essential for all genres – from Rock to Trance and Ambient to Acid. Feed your Access Virus a treat with these infectious patches. Grinding Acid Bass, Amp – Simulated Guitars, screeching leads, Evolving Arps and Pads, Electro-Machine Drums, Dance and Trance Stabs, Tenori-On and sound effects.

There are now 384 sounds available to you in three sets if you are an Access Virus user. I still think the Access virus is one of the best synths in the World – it has such a great design and great support and stands the test of time.

To hear a demo of the sounds, just click the You Tube demo here:-

For further information and download :-

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