Sep 13


Well could the new CP4 Yamaha Stage Piano be the best stage piano they have ever made? Although it has the usual Yamaha look and controls it has Forty-Five premium grand pianos including the CFX, CFIII, and the S6. If you throw in 47 Electric Pianos and 341 other voice patches, it is begining to shape up. But at just over £2000 what is it that makes this one stand out from the crowd? How heavy or portable is it?

For this money I want its 88-note graded hammer action keybed with real wooden keys with natural feeling synthetic ivory tops and and I have got to try this out as people are saying it feels superb. I hope this is the case because I am quite often disappointed by the action on Yamaha Pianos. It weighs less than 40 pounds (38.5 lbs.) which is not too bad for a solid 88 note keyboard with wooden keys. It looks like a Yamaha piano and there is nothing new apart from a leather – looking top surface.

Why do all these companies keep using the sad and tired slogan “built from the ground up”. I do not agree with this statement where Yamaha is concerned as they are too traditional, sticking to what they do best. Some of the controls are identical to my EX5 rack of 1998, so when will Yamaha make something look like it was built from the ground up in 2013? – I can’t see it ever happening.

Sorry Yamaha for the dig and I do not doubt for one moment that the CP4 is a great piece of kit and I am pleased to see the necessary controller extras including pitch and mod wheels and two CC pedal inputs and an FC3 foot pedal, which supports half-damper techniques and lush soundboard resonance.


The CP40 is a little bit cheaper at just over £1500 and a little bit lighter 35.94 lbs.It has just 15 CFIII grand piano patches with 35 Vintage electric pianos and 247 other patches taken from the Motif (so no new sounds from the ground up then).

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