Aug 30

Well it looks like Germany has leaked some information on a new Synth module – the Roland Integra-7 Rack Synth Module. Roland are about to disclose their new products tomorrow the 31 August 2012 but we now have some details on this new rack the Integra-7.

I am of the opinion like many others who believe that we haven’t been provided with the options of Synth racks for the ones we love in recent years. I feel that it would have been nice if Roland had upgraded the Fantom X rack and let us have Fantom G rack. A Korg Kronos rack would have been ideal to many players who really wanted a Kronos but did not want yet another keyboard, especially when the keyboard itself was not that great. Yamaha too have sadly not looked into the possibility of a Motif XF Rack. So it is nice to see that Roland, who have moved on still further since the release of the Fantom G and who are now about to release a Rack for 2012.

So what has the Integra-7 got to offer? Well it seems that it is going to be packed with the latest SuperNATURAL sounds with enhanced Behaviour Modelling technology for expressive acoustic instruments and accurate reproduction of performance articulations. It has been designed to have fast access although you do not get that impression looking at the front of module. Apparently it will have a “greatest hits” collection of sounds (over 5000) from Roland’s flagship keyboards and V-Drums modules, plus all 12 boards in the acclaimed SRX library. I am sure there will be some people saying this is just Roland recycling their old sounds again but whilst this maybe true to some extent, it does provide a convenient arsenal of sounds for the keyboard player or studio in a compact package, where the purchase of another keybed is not desirable.

What is new is something called Motional Surround, a 17-part ambience engine that lets you graphically control the distance and position of each part within a 360-degree sound field. With the immense power of the INTEGRA-7, you can create amazingly realistic and detailed orchestral arrangements, as well as immersive, spatial sounds, and beyond.

You also get dedicated multi-effects and EQ for each part (16 parts), plus dedicated COMP+EQ (use six simultaneously) for drums and ambience parameters for SuperNATURAL drum kits and there is a 17-part Motional Surround ambience engine for stereo, headphone, and 5.1-channel output. Like the Jupiter 80 and 50 there is an Editor for iPad and Motional Surround VSTi Editor for SONAR software.

I am sure Roland will be giving us more info tomorrow.

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  1. Peter Payne Says:

    I’d much, much rather a soft synth. With a soft synth I can have separate audio channels for each instrument – and apply whatever effect I want. When I save my DAW project my soft synth settings are saved. And I’ve yet to come up against a soft synth that taxed the CPU in my PC.

    I have a Fantom-G 88-key beauty here at home. But I can’t use it for soft projects. Instead I only use soft-synths and a cheap £100 midi controller.

    I’d really love a Fantom-G soft-synth. THAT is something I could really use.

  2. tonylongmusic Says:

    Thanks for your comments Peter.

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