Nov 29

ROLAND JUPITER Synth Legends Volume 1


This is good of Roland to enhance their Jupiter 50 and Jupiter 80 keyboards with the first in a series of free sound libraries. These are going to provide you with some great vintage sounds from some of the greatest synths in Roland’s history. Just have a look at the YouTube clip above and click on the ‘More’ for further information and clips.

JUPITER Synth Legends Volume 1 sounds cover 7 great synths that Roland have produced since 1980:-

• JUPITER-8 (1981) • JUNO-60 (1982) • D-50 (1987) • TB-303 (1982) • JUPITER-6 (1983)
• SH-101 (1982) • JUNO-106 (1984)

These classic synths each have between 10 and 20 factory preset sounds that distinguish their character, and they’re all represented among 123 newly created single Tones for the JUPITER-80 and 50. There are 512 new Live Sets also included that combine the historic synths together using layers and multi-effects processing. Many Live Sets feature single legacy Tones, enhanced with effects unavailable in the original instruments, and nearly 300 new arpeggio patterns are included that are perfect for a wide range of contemporary electronic music genres.

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