Oct 4

Is this a Synth for Swedish House?

Something that caught my eye on the front of Future Music this month was this strange little Synth called :- A Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer. No it is not a Mutant Ninja Turtle from the Nineties but more like something from the future. Have a look at this for a Sexy Synth, it may look a bit like an Apple product but you can’t say this doesn’t look fun:-

Size Matters

This Synth is very portable and is only 282 mm long , 102 mm wide and a very thin depth of 13.5 mm. This is approx 11″ x 4″ x half an inch. It is made by a Swedish company who are based in Stockholm. It is an all-in-one portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller. With additional features like the FM Radio and an assignable G-Force sensor for motion controlled effects. With OP-1’s built-in Tape feature you are able to record everything you do on to the 4 tracks, with overdubbing, reverse recording.

It has 8 built-in synthesizer engines, multiple effects and LFO’s with some really unique sequencers. You can connect it to your PC and control your DAW with the common play, stop, rec, forward and rewind. You can also make use the 4 rotary encoders and 8 x 2 dedicated quick keys for fast selections.

Drum Sampler

If you press the Drum key you enter the Drum Sampler mode. The Op-1 comes loaded with some great kits, but if you feel that you want your own, just press the mic key to sample anything from the built-in microphone or line in. And if that’s not enough you just connect your OP-1 to your computer and drag and drop any .aif file straight to the OP-1.

OP-1 Four Track Tape

You can record everything on the built in 4-track tape and match the tape speed to the sequencer clock for some really nice overdubbing with changing pitch. You can even change the tapespeed while recording, or record backwards in realtime.

OP-1 Cost

It is a very high quality product that is built extremely well but this is reflected in its high cost of $799. Some people are saying it is a high priced toy, but its great design certainly grabs you to want to both hear and play it. I for one wish that I had one with me to Review. I especially like the screen with its clear and interesting graphics. Here are five examples of the screen:-

OP-1 Key Features.

* Multiple Synthesizer Engines with Exchangable Architecture
* Built-in 24 Voice Instant Live Sampler
* 4 track Tape Recorder with Variable Tape Speed
* 6 Minutes Recording Time. (Up to 24 Minutes)
* 4 track Mixer with EQ, Effect, Drive and Master Out
* Multiple Exchangable Effects
* Multiple Exchangable Sequencers
* USB MIDI Controller – MAC & PC Compatible
* 2-Way USB File Transfer – MAC & PC Compatible
* Color Coded Vector Based User Interface
* Instant Reverse and variable Tape Speed Recording
* Full Classic Tape Editing Capabilities
* Master Tempo with Beat Matching to Tape Feature

It also provides 16 hours of Battery time.

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