Aug 28

Looking Back – The Quasimidi Sirius

Does anyone remember the Quasimidi Sirius?  Over 12 years ago, Future Music did an article on this great machine and questioned “Was the Sirius the definitive dance tool?” This was a keyboard that I always wanted but never actually purchased. It was well ahead of its time and just sounded so much fun. I remember listening to the sounds on the CD that I was sent demonstrating it’s capabilities. I loved it’s drum sounds. It reminded me of music made with software rather than hardware. A bit like making music with Propellerheads Reason 5 and Kong but having an actual keyboard in front of you.

Yes it is German and has that very 90’s German analog Synth sound. If I remember correctly Kraftwerk did a couple of the demos for this. There are still some great You Tube clips that give you some idea of its potential. Some of the sounds that Sirius Users have created had such interesting qualities that I have not yet heard or believed it possible to recreate on such Synths like the Access Virus or Roland GAIA.

It even has a random sound button. I tried this in a store at the time and was very surprised what it came up with. Maybe I should buy one now second-hand on e-bay?  Unfortunately Quasimidi folded in 2000. Perhaps Access could develop the  Sirius mark II for 2011?

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  1. Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich Says:

    You made some excellent points there. I did a search about the subject and barely found any specific details on other websites, but then happy to be here, seriously, appreciate that.

    – Josh

  2. tonylongmusic Says:


    Thanks very much. It is good to get some feedback when you are trying to get a Site up and running. I hope you will visit my Site again.

    Many Thanks

  3. JesseJ Says:


    You are all welcome to join the Quasimidi Sirius facebook group here:

  4. kapovianco Says:

    Hey Tony. I am happy to see that someone actually remembers this baby. I got obsessed with this synth just about a month ago. I bought one from ebay and it’s in mint condition. But my obsession went farther when I wanted to get another one. Craigslist did the job but to my surprise I will tell you something that little people in the synth world know about the Quasismidi Sirius.
    The One I bought from ebay happened to be the American Version, and the one from craigslist, the German version. Quasimidi moved to the U.S. as I was told by the guy who sold me the one from craigslist, he was the second owner of the synth and it was one of the last Quasis to be made in germany.
    The difference is noticed in the microphone and the paint. The american version has an ashy/grayish color, and the mic is small and thin and somewhat ensembled by hand/machine. The german version, in the other hand, has a deep black paint color, the mic is bigger and thicker, but that is not all. I had to compare the sounds. Somehow the german version has a different color in its sound. It’s meaner, fatter and harder. The american is a bit less fatter but anoyingly louder. Maybe when Quasi moved to america, they tryed to improve the sound by making them louder, but they ended up making something different. The quality of some sounds generated in one cannot be compared in the other. Is totally different. I thought about selling one of them..but after looking at what I had in front of me…I guess is a rare ocassion that you run into these synths. Thanks for your space. And hopefully this info helps some fans. I posted a picture of both of them :).


  5. Total Harmonic Control Says:

    They are a great synth. I bought one in 1999, and through an ordering stuffup, ended up with two fully functional units, for the price of one! I still use it today, mainly for Drum and bass / dubstep basslines and some awessome sounding phat analogue leads. Its a fairly easy unit to get ones head around too. You are completely correct about the unique sound qualities of this unit…and that random sound button, was a godsend. I’ve spent countless hours and hours filling up user banks with sounds generated by that button.
    Both of mine are german units, and are in pristine condition!
    I can’t believe how much they are sought after today!
    I have one for sale if anyone is interested.

  6. Mike Says:

    I realise this is an old posting, but just out of interest do you still have one of the Quasimidi Sirius for sale?
    I’m based in England and trying to find one.
    If you still looking for a buyer e-mail me:

  7. tonylongmusic Says:

    Sorry Mike – no I don’t one of these for sale

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