Dec 14

I have a bit of a softspot for Waldorf Synths as they are always a little bit different from the rest.


The Waldorf Pulse 2 is an exciting analog subtractive mono synth with 500 Patches. It has three powerful oscillators and a filter. I found it quite heavy for its size but there again its solid metal chassis built like a tank will not be lightweight.

Oscillator One provides you with pulse widths for Square, Saw, Tri and a modified pulse width which modulates between octaves and remains constant in amplitude. Oscillator 2 has X1 and X3 Pulse Width Modes which cross modulates Oscillator 1 or 3 for ring mod type sounds controlled by the level, whilst Oscillator 3 has external input routing for processing an input and gives a feedback via the mixer.

Its also good to have a quality Filter on-board and Waldorf has provided a single Multimode Filter. It has a 24dB Low Pass and a 12dB Lowpass, Bandpass and Hi-pass. All sound magic, very resonant.

As well as a Filter you need a touch of the old Modulations and the Waldorf Pulse 2 has two LFOs. One has a syncable multi-waves including S&H and Random and can go pretty high. The second LFO is a simpler Sine shape with a just delay and speed control.

There are two snappy Envelopes, VCF and VCA which are identical with ADSR control plus and additional loop control, D-D or A-D for more waveform-like modulations.

Not forgetting a sixteen step pattern based arpeggiato which has an incredible ten octaves. It comes with with velocity, gate, glide and reset options and a swing parameter.

The CV and Gate outputs offer interfacing with a variety of analog gear, with Hz/V and V/Oct setup and tuning and scaling tweaks as well as gate polarity settings to allow maximum compatibility.

It has a great sound considering the street price of £399/€400/$799 – check one out today.

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