Music Lessons


The Piano is a strange instrument to learn to play. Teachers have approached it in a variety of ways, many of them by reading music. I have not always believed this to be the best way. One of the reasons is that it is very much trying to teach a child a language and before he or she knows the words you are also trying to teach grammer. With teaching the Piano trying to get the skill of reading the notes at the same time you have to get your fingers to move in ways they have not before is not an easy task and is probably best done as young children when the brain can sponge up loads of information.

There are other ways of learning to play the piano, one of them is by ear and no you do not bash your ears on the keys but actually develope a skill of hearing note relationships and the intervals between notes. I think there is nothing as good as being able to watch someone else. With the benefit of Video, DVD and You Tube clips, you can go back over lessons, watch them again and again and comfortably learn at your own pace.

If this type of learning is for you then take a look at the site below:-



Introducing “Advanced Guitar 301” – Licks, Tricks, & Solos! These cover four types – Funk, Gospel, R&B, and Jazz. In each of those genres, you are taught the underlying chords that make up the patterns you’re hearing. Then 5 unique riffs, runs, licks, or tricks are broken down so that you can play over these same chords. In fact, the underlying chords and patterns hardly change. But you will learn dozens of ways to approach improvising over them.

By the end, you’ll have 20 professional, advanced soloing licks you can show off in front of your friends. These are riffs, licks, tricks, and secrets most people wouldn’t be able to pick out on their own because the notes move so fast. But we break every thing down slowly with close-ups and special camera angles, repeating every note multiple times and showing diagrams and illustrations on the screen. It’s practically impossible to miss anything.


If you’re truly serious about playing drums by ear and/or wish to improve your current skills, then this could be just what you are looking for – 3 courses – Drum Series 101 which gives you the basics and fundamentals of playing by ear from how to hold sticks to performing single and double stroke rolls. Drum Series 102 for intermediate techniques and rhythms showing how to make best use of accents, and breaks and lock on to playing with a bass player and Drum Series 103 for advanced tricks, licks and grooves.Here you can improve your bass pedal speed and cross stick techniques learn to solo and find out the secrets of rim-shots.


I know I would like to seriously expand my vocal range, hit those high notes without relying on falsetto all the time. This is where a great course is needed like the “The Vocal Mastery System” which not only shows you the basics and fundamentals like developing correct habits, breathing, and dynamics – but it goes even further by demonstrating how to develop your very own unique style. Too often, when you go to instructors, you’re either bombarded with too much of the basics and fundamentals to the point where you’re just bored to death BECAUSE YOU JUST WANT TO SING (… and I don’t blame you) …And these are just a few frustrations.

With this course you will be able to Triple your vocal range and feel comfortable singing in almost any key you want. Never again will your range limit you from singing in the original key of the song. You will be able to build up your strength and endurance through a series of exercises and drills and never struggle towards the end of a song again. You will discover how to sing properly from your diaphragm and stand correctly, how to avoid strain and pain when trying to belt higher notes and energize the songs you sing by infusing a beautiful blend of clarity, expression, as well as feeling. Have a look at this exciting and amazing course:-