Jun 16

Here is an App that I think I will get that I came across the other day (mainly because it was App of the week) – It is called Werkbench by Bolasol.

Essentially it is a beatbox that is part loop pedal and part drum machine. I think it certainly looks different from the rest and I am told it is both Poweful and user-friendly. It is powerful for the simple reason it has two live-sampling step sequencers. Each step in the sequence holds its own sample that can be recorded and manipulated in real-time.

You get some real colourful and snazzy controls for things like pitch, filters and envelopes for example. You can even edit the Pitch and the levels for each step. Add some effects and chain the sequencers together for 32 step magic and then save the loops or export them

Have a look at this You Tube Clip for a better idea – Great Fun:-

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