Aug 2

Here is an invaluable piece of software for your DAW. Most of the Home studios either have no acoustic panels, tiles, bass traps or insufficient acoustic treatment and mixing is a complete nightmare. Those that do have, probably still wish it could be better, to achieve results as good as the professional studios.

IK Multimedia developed a piece of software to assist with this problem called ARC which stands for Advanced Room Correction System. They have just announced that they now have Version 2 of ARC for Mac/PC DAWs.

How does it work? Well it combines a measurement microphone, measurement software and a correction plug-in for most DAWs. It is designed to improve the acoustics and sonic reliability of your home studio by generating an algorithm to provide a correction of your room’s acoustic problems. You can then apply this to your mix using the plug-in. The idea is as it has always been – you make a recording that can be played on any hardware to faithfully represent your sound that you have recorded and mixed.

Arc Version 2 gives you a higher resolution especially in the very low frequency range which is where it is needed most but you get enhancements across the whole frequency range. You now just need to give it seven measurements for it to do its job. Do your mix, remove the plug-in and make your CD – simple. I really like the look of this product and think I will place an order.

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