Jan 24

Arturia Spark 2 – Namm 2014


I love my Spark, so I really delighted that Arturia have updated it further with their new version which really gives you a new look and a new feel which is just what you want from a Drum Maschine.

Namm seems to have as many Drum related products as it does guitars. Perhaps that is a bit of an exageration but maybe it just me that is drawn to all these new drum machines spoiling us for choice. In comparison to say the drum maschines from Elektron, this is a much cheaper option as a hybrid hardware/software instrument but it is just as interesting and a quarter of the price. I can’t wait to try this out.

Arturia have stated this to blow your mind:- “While SPARK has always been built on a fully-modular VA (Virtual Analogue) sound engine, originally only developers had access to this wonderful-sounding rhythmical power source. Not now. With the all-new SPARK 2, users are free to add and subtract modules (including oscillators, multimode filters and Karplus-Strong filter, ADR envelopes, LFOs, mixers, ring modulator, Bode Frequency Shifter, spring mass, and CV processor); create their own patch routings; and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control. Clearly, it’s this truly modular, fully-accessible sound engine that makes SPARK 2 truly shine as the ultimate drum synthesizer!”. That sounds awesome – what an upgrade.

Are there anymore kits? – sorry just asking. Yes they have added another 50 but also over 800 800 new instruments. Don’t forget that these kits also come with 32 patterns

So how much is this going to cost and when will Arturia Spark 2 be available – I hear you say. Its available from March 2014 and yes it is FREE for existing SPARK andSparkLE Creative Drum Machine users.

If you haven’t got one of these great maschines, you can buy either the SPARK for $399.00 USD/€399.00 EUR or for the SparkLE for $299.00 USD/€249.00 EUR – excellent price.

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