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New features for Spark 1.4:

Here is some great news, following my review of the Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine, Arturia have announced the release of Spark 1.4 as a major update free for all registered users. Version 1.4 gives you 50 great new kits and 448 instruments. These have been built by five contemporary electronic and hip hop producers. they range from deep electro house to the finest urban sounds. This ibrary also integrates new and faithful recreations of vintage drum machines. To complete this incredible update, Spark embeds five new powerful effects such as the Destroyer, the Space Pan and the earth shaking Sub Generator.There is also advanced MIDI out functions, a full range of hardware shortcuts and the XY pad latch mode that will considerably speed up your workflow.

New features and extended usability:

1. Jog Dial – Extended Instrument Navigation.

When used in instrument mode includes the ability to select the instrument type and the generator type. This allows you to filter and sort instruments easily when loading them.
Menu navigation:- To display the parent menu, hold SELECT and CLICK the jog dial. i.e. the generator type selection menu is displayed on the screen, hold SELECT and CLICK the jog dial to display the instrument type selection menu.- To select an option in the menu, turn the jog dial to set your option as first, and CLICK the jog.

Default behavior: By default, the jog dial scrolls through a default list of instruments, without having to select the menu options. The default options are: Currently Selected instrument Type, and ALL generator types. i.e. if the Hi Tom is selected the jog dial will scroll throw all toms. In order to change the generator type, or instrument type use SELECT + CLICK once or twice on the jog dial in order to display the menu options.

2. Undo-Redo – Available from the Controller.

Hold SELECT and press Step 11 to Undo last action. Hold SELECT and press Step 10 to Redo last undone action. The undo feature remembers the last 10 actions.

3. Extended Latch/Touch Mode on Fx Pad.

You can now latch the Filter and Slicer effects to ON. This means that you can use the XY Pad, remove your finger and the Slicer or Filter will remain on. You can now also layer the Filter and Slicer via the latch mode.If the Filter is set to latch mode, using the Slicer will slice the filtered sound, using the roller will generate a filtered roll. If the Slicer is set to latch mode, using the Filter will filter the Sliced sound. Hold SELECT and press [FX Name] Button to switch Latch/Touch modes. When Latch mode is active, the FX button will flash.

To unlatch the effect, press either the Slicer or Filter button. When Slicer is set to Latch mode, roller is not available anymore as the slicer is repeating a loop that was recorded without the roll.

4. MIDI out from Spark Software Sequencer, pattern changes and pads to the host.

MIDI Out from Spark Software sequencer, from pads, knobs, XY pad and from pattern changes can be recorded in a host. All notes coming out from the Spark’s patterns can be recorded, as can automations. This feature is working for the AU and VST Spark plugin and not yet available for RTAS. In Standalone mode, Spark can send MIDI out on the selected MIDI output in the Spark Audio MIDI settings window. Use the MIDI out preferences to select which kind of MIDI data has to be sent: – Choose “Send MIDI From Pads” for sending MIDI data from Spark pads, and pattern changes to your host – Choose “Send MIDI From Sequencer” for sending MIDI data coming from Spark’s sequencer to your host.

5. Save function available from Controller.

Hold SELECT and press Step 9 to save the current project. If the project is a factory project it will be saved to a new project using the factory project name followed by a number, without requiring any interaction from the user.

6. Five new FX in the mixer (Destroyer, Flanger, Space pan, Sub Generator and Limiter).

Five new effects with presets have been integrated. Destroyer, Flanger, Space pan, Sub Generator and Limiter. They can be set as inserts on Instrument or in master channels.

7. MIDI Clock in: Spark can be synced to any incoming MIDI clock.

The Spark sequencer can be synced to an incoming MIDI Clock.In Spark Main menu, and Audio MIDI Settings dialog, select the MIDI clock source.Spark sequencer will sync to the selected source. A square red MIDI indicator will blink when receiving MIDI data in the toolbar, near the CPU indicator.

8. Overlay cheat mode Software interface to see all the secondary functions.

A help mode is available for displaying all controller shortcuts. Click on the in the upper left corner in order to switch Spark interface to show all the shortcuts the names of the instruments that are loaded and to display all the Filter and Slicer modes. Any text that is in Blue above a button shows that by pressing and holding SELECT+ the button, you will select this secondary function.

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